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Winning design

phone skins

We are a private training facility for professional motocross, supercross, and minibike riders....

By WyvernRanch in Merchandise

52 Entries $249 silver price
Winning design

Design a beautiful tree-themed logo for the Nestlewood Whisky Club

We taste and trade whisky on a periodic basis....

By Matt Rollefson in Merchandise

83 Entries $249 silver price
Winning design

6 Bottle Wine Rack

Our company designs wine racks, shelves, wine openers, etc....

By czarivan_manigbas in Merchandise

29 Entries $189 bronze price
Winning design

Create cool snowmobiler car window graphics for stickers for

Our target is snowmobilers throughout the world....

By Wblaw004 in Merchandise

27 Entries $599 platinum price
Winning design

Soccer Ball Design Contest

We sell the #1 online Soccer Training Program in over 110 countries across the world....

By themattsmith in Merchandise

25 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

Design window sticker for businesses

Tindie is a platform for hardware makers and manufacturers....

By emile_petrone in Merchandise

384 Entries $189 bronze price
Winning design

Celebrate Beauty

Our target audience is middle to upper class women of different ethnic backgrounds with emphasis on honoring women an...

By macst in Merchandise

16 Entries $189 bronze price
Winning design

Styrofoam Cup Design

We are an online distributor of Shaved Ice machines, syrups and accessories. We sell to businesses who have shaved i...

By Gary1722068 in Merchandise

50 Entries $599 platinum price
Winning design

Create an eye catching magnet souvenir for the Diamond Head Luau

We host the best Luau in Waikiki and are target audience is between 30-70 years old!...

By funinthesunhi in Merchandise

52 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

Playing Card Design (Back only)

Law Firm...

By Rimon Law in Merchandise

95 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

Head Shot Illustration with Quote for Coffee Mug or Poster for Great Preachers

We make products for pastors, preachers and church leaders....

By mljr in Merchandise

122 Entries $249 silver price


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