What the press is saying

"99designs is a pioneer in the field of crowdsourcing. Through 99designs, companies can run design contests for new logos, packaging designs, or any project that requires graphics."

"99designs may be the largest graphic design marketplace in the world, but when it started in 2008, it was still in search of a customer base. In 2010, president and CEO Patrick Llewellyn moved to America with the goal of conquering the U.S. This was the Australian company's first international effort, but there would be many more to follow."

"Tech startup 99designs has signed a lease to move its headquarters from San Francisco to 2201 Broadway in Oakland's Uptown neighborhood, joining a group of creative companies that are taking space in the East Bay."

"If you’re a new company you’re probably in the market for a logo and some sort of web presence. 99designs wants to be the destination for both of those things."

"If you need creative help with your brand or producing quality images for your website and digital channels, consider using a crowdsourcing site to get started. I have used 99 Designs on a number of "occasions to tap into the immense pool of talented designers who helped me formulate a creative design I needed."

"99designs is a crowd sourced design platform where dozens of designers submit their logo design and only the one you like best gets paid. The quality is great especially when you provide detailed instructions on what you’re looking for."

"Small to medium sized businesses tend to take advantage of it because they lack in-houses resources. But as with the three examples we've given, many other large corporations are making use of paid crowd."

“We’re excited to be taking the next step in our globalization strategy with the acquisition of LogoChef,” 99designs president and CEO Patrick Llewellyn said in a statement. “With small businesses and startups driving 99 percent of Brazil’s economy, we have an extraordinary opportunity to connect a new group of our core customers with designers there and around the world.”

"Graphic design marketplace 99designs has set up an offshoot business limited to quick design fixes, under a new brand name, as part of its plans to broaden its reach and service offering."

"Yahoo recently announced that it will introduce a new logo next month — after publishing 30-days of alternative designs that didn't quite make the cut — but some designers seem to think they can do a better job."

"Overall, I think Swiftly is a well-built product, smart enough to focus on the service’s simplicity through the design. The faster Swiftly’s turnaround, and the more reliable their 24/7 service can be, the more of an emergency go-to it can be for people across the business world, or a go-to prank service for someone just wanting a decent gag Photoshop on their boss’s last day."

"Australian dance music festival Stereosonic has opened up its merchandise design brief to aspiring T-shirt designers globally in a collaboration with crowdsourcing platform 99designs."

"If you need graphic design work or customized website or logo design, check out sites like 99 Designs, a marketplace where creative submit logos, graphic designs, website design, and more."

"The Melbourne, Australian company now pays out about $2 million per month to designers on its site, according to its CEO, Patrick Llewellyn. Comparing that to the $20 million it paid out in the three years between 2009 and 2011, that’s an almost four-fold growth."

"Connecting with a graphic designer who can transform your vision into a brand can be challenging, and more and more salon and spa owners are turning to online marketplaces, such as 99designs, for affordable, high-caliber logos and other design work."

"Over the past weeks we have worked with some of the best designers of 99designs to create a logo that fits our project and communicates our values of expedition, automation, encapsulation and simplification."

"99designs, a company that acts as a marketplace for graphic design, is asking its community of designers to illustrate a Silicon Roundabout graphic with a "proud to startup at Silicon Roundabout" slogan."

"What was really eye-opening about our recent trip to Singapore is how many people had already heard of 99designs and had used us before to get their logos, business cards or websites designed. We’re proud of the strong word-of-mouth growth that we’ve experienced in Asia and that’s because we focus on creating the best possible experience for our customers and designers."

"Filipino graphic designers will have more opportunities to earn as 99designs, a freelance online-based graphic design community, is looking forward to do more business in the country."

"To help Yeezy find a more god-like cover design for Yeezus, online graphic design marketplace 99designs has launched an unofficial contest to create a more suitable cover."

"Kanye West's new album will be released without any album artwork. Fortunately, a load of talented designers have done the job for him."

"Aiken said a Filipino designer told him he quit his day job, where he earns just $300 a month, since he now earns $3,000 a month, thanks to 99designs."

"Design crowdsourcing service 99designs is accelerating expansion into the region with a new Singapore site and in-house support from the Philippines."

"A growing number of authors is paired with the world of freelance designers looking to expand their portfolio or establish themselves in a new area (or maybe just have a little fun) and a company like 99 Designs becomes the link."

"So far, it’s been a case of right product, right time for 99designs. The rapid movement of small business marketing onto digital platforms has opened new opportunities from clients in unexpected sectors."

"At the time, 99designs had 10 staff in Melbourne and four in the US. Now, there are about 90 staff spread across the globe including 46 in the US, 34 in Melbourne, eight in Berlin, and two in Paris."

"Never fear: 99designs released this competition last month in celebration of the new album, with some very aesthetically pleasing results."

"It’s one thing to build a successful startup in one country, but it’s an entirely different ballgame once you go beyond those national borders."

"...99designs clearly has its fair share of fans. So far the company claims it has hosted over 200,000 graphic design contests and has paid out $52 million to designers."

"The electronic duo will release new collection Random Access Memories next month, and an unofficial competition has been launched to create unique promotional posters for it."

"Melbourne has great local universities, which helps foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship," says CEO Patrick Llewellyn."

"The guerilla campaign launched by the online graphic design hub 99designs called for budding designers to have their best go at a Daft Punk-esque artwork."

"... San Francisco-based design website 99designs has launched a competition for its hugely talented design community to put together unofficial Daft Punk tour posters."

"99designs makes it dead-simple to find talented designers. For designers, they can browse through numerous different opportunities for work."

"At 99designs, chief operating officer Jason Sew Hoy says that for play to work at work, the company puts immense focus on the recruitment process. In the new workplace, your resume may not matter if your personality doesn't seem to fit."

"We have to continue to strive to do the best we can and hope people will understand the message."

"As a result of our decision to go with open source, we've now got offices in both Melbourne and San Francisco, over 70 staff and tens of millions of visitors to our website every month..."

"...99designs is launching in Latin America with support for Spanish and local currencies. In addition, 99designs is also releasing a localized version for Spain, as well as a site for United States-based Spanish speakers."

"The 99designs competition has already attracted more than 1,300 entries..."

"Some could, were I posting this anonymously on a forum instead of here, convince you [these PS4 logos] were the real deal."

"There are already more than 2,000 submissions..."

"We wanted to get as many great ideas as we could from 99designs’ design community, including some of Colin’s designer fans."

"...the decision to let the design of his website up to a contest on 99designs to decide the new look will only improve his standing with the fans."

"An online community of fans and graphic designers, 99designs, has launched a competition to create the best concept for the Dolphins' next logo."

"In honor of NOLA becoming the Pelicans—not official, still awesome—designers drew up some logos. Here are the best."

"Enter 99designs.com, a community-based design website that is currently holding a contest to create a logo to fit the team's new name."

"...check out SI.com’s five favorite Pelicans logos from the [99designs] design contest..."

"Not for Profit organisations around the country are being given the chance to win free design work as part of a new Christmas initiative."

"At 'marketplaces' like 99designs, you can put your project up for thousands of talented designers to bid on."

"Number of the day: $43 million. That's how much 99designs has paid to its winning designers since the San Francisco company was started in 2008."

"[99designs] has 'ramped up' employee numbers in the past 12 months, bringing the team to 43 in the US (and 75 in total)."

"At 'marketplaces' like 99designs...you can put your project up for thousands of talented designers..."

"[HitFix] placed the challenge on 99designs.com, a crowdsourcing graphic design marketplace."

"Crowdsourced design site 99designs has launched a version of its site in French, several months after acquiring [12designer] and launching in German language as well."

"We started by building the "front door" to our service...with designs sourced from crowdsourcing platform 99designs."

"99designs has had quite the year in terms of expansion..."

"99 Designs is a good place to look for designers if you want a quick turnaround and good results."

"...99designs surveyed 2,379 designers from around the world on everything from what motivates them to how they deal with difficult clients. The results were quite revealing."

"The largest and fastest-growing is 99designs, which has, according to Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Titterton, a community of more than 175,000 designers worldwide."

"Australian-founded online marketplace for graphic design, 99designs entered the European market by acquiring German counterpart 12designer in August 2012."

"Australian-U.S. startup 99designs, for example, has paid out $40 million to some 180,000 graphic designers."

"So 99designs, a crowdsourcing graphic design firm that connects designers to customers looking for affordable designs, launched a contest asking its community to create a better marque for eBay."

"Patrick Llewellyn, CEO of online marketplace 99designs, offers tips on how to compete for clients in crowdsourced graphic design contests."

"Well, Bloomberg Businessweek asks four design professionals [including 99designs’ lead visual designer Kyle Lin] what they think about Arby’s new, digital-looking logo."

"After putting out an open call to artists earlier this month, Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon has picked a winner for his 99designs tattoo design contest."

"All in all, I’d consider my foray a success."

"The folk singer-songwriter...is offering a cash prize to the winner of his 99designs competition."

"The bearded singer seeks an image on his arm in the style of Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphons Mucha, Vernon says in a post on 99designs..."

"According to Bon Iver's Twitter account, the winner of the 99designs contest will win a cash prize."

"You can either spend entire weekends surrounded by bits of paper and felt-tip pens, tearing your hair out, or you can hire a freelance designer to create one for you via an outsourcing website such as 99designs.co.uk."

"...what started as a little idea for designers to help each other has attracted a $35 million injection of funds...has opened offices in North America and England and, last month, bought out its biggest competitor in Europe, the German 12designer."

"You've likely seen a few of 99designs logos out in wild — TaskRabbit and Cloudera, among others, have used their crowdsourcing contests to develop their logos."

"It is the first non-English language offering from the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace."

“Setting up shop in Berlin was the European equivalent of hanging up a shingle in Silicon Valley, [said CEO Patrick Llewellyn]. "It's the epicentre of Europe and the hottest tech start-up hub.”

“Australian crowdsourcing pioneer 99designs is expanding overseas…”

“We believe [the acquisition] will prove instrumental in accelerating our delivery of truly localized world-class design services to European businesses and designers,' 99designs CEO Patrick Llewellyn said.”

“[99designs] announced its first acquisition tonight, as the Accel-backed startup scooped up its European rival, 12designer.”

“99designs--an online marketplace for logo and Web designs--announced on Tuesday it acquired Berlin-based rival company 12designer for an undisclosed amount.”

“CEO Patrick Llewellyn discusses the company's purchase of 12designer and its plans to bring the leading U.S. design marketplace to the Continent...”

“Germany is 99designs' biggest non-English-speaking market, the company said, and is one of the fastest growing.”

“According to 99designs CEO Patrick Llewellyn...99nonprofits has the potential to 'provide a streamlined platform for evaluating requests, granting aid and working closely with participants every step of the way.”

“99designs, a marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design, polled more than 1,500 entrepreneurs...”

“Pastor Rick Warren…enlisted the help of the graphic design crowd-sourcing company 99designs to hold a contest for the book cover [for the 10th anniversary edition of his bestseller The Purpose Driven Life].”

“[99designs] reports that start-ups and other small businesses expect design to become increasingly important to their success.”

“Good design is more than just cosmetic window dressing for companies, a new survey of small business owners shows…The survey was conducted by99designs, an online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design services.”

“…99designs is so perfectly positioned to capitalize on so many economic and cultural sea changes that the debate has become meaningless. In other words, crowdsourcing is a thing — it’s infiltrated video, advertising, photography, and design. And it will not be going away.”

“Crowdsourcing design startup 99designs is putting its own product to the test with a competition to redesign its homepage. The company, which connects businesses in need of design help with freelancers willing to compete for design work, wrote a request of its own, asking its 158,000 registered designers to revamp its site for a chance to win one of three $1000 prizes.”

“[CEO Patrick Llewellyn] says the beauty of his business is that it enables clients to start their own businesses quickly and cheaply. Instead of taking a month or more to find branding, a website design or a logo, it may take little more than a week. On the other side of the equation, 99designs is helping designers get work, build a business and, importantly, guarantee fast payment.”

“…consider the innovation contests staged through organizations such as Innocentive, the X-Prize Foundation, or 99designs.com. These contests clearly involve innovative work, and by definition are open systems, but they are anything but routine.”

“There are many ways to get a website done these days, and here is a cool addition to the list: 99designs is a platform that allows you to crowdsource your graphic design. Post your project, get bids and ideas from a slew of talented designers around the globe, and away you go.”

“99designs provides tools that make it easy to communicate what you are looking for in a design (e.g. styles, formats, etc.), mechanisms to work with the designers, and a payment infrastructure that keeps billing simple.”

“Patrick Llewellyn's company 99designs earned $35 million from venture capitalists a year ago and joins The Business to discuss the attraction to investors of high tech business.”

“In our first four years, 99designs hosted about 120,000 design projects. Our hopes for 2012? To surpass 200,000. And it all started with a single discussion forum for designers.”

“San Francisco-based 99designs, which connects designers looking for work with small businesses, is also enjoying the boom times…’Demand for design is only increasing,’ CEO Patrick Llewellyn says. His site is now paying out $1.5 million a month to designers -- twice the volume it had a year ago.”

“Like all entrepreneurs, Mark Harbottle has an eye for opportunities but what sets him apart is his capacity to run not just one business but many. Although all five finalists in this year’s Entrepreneur of the Year competition have outstanding and successful businesses, Harbottle stands out for the repeatability of his approach.”

“Patrick Llewellyn is chief executive of crowdsource business 99designs, which last year attracted $35 million in first-round funding…”

“99designs, one of the world’s most prominent online crowdsourced design marketplaces, has launched a UK-focused portal as it looks to ramp up its international growth efforts.”

“99designs, which runs crowdsourcing contests for graphic design projects, drew attention with its work on the Occupy movement’s logo and controversy around its business model. But until now there hasn’t been much written about the cloud infrastructure that has expedited more than 100,000 projects in four years…”

“Occupy.com, the soon-to-be-launched website for the international Occupy protest movement, has turned to the online graphic design marketplace 99designs to find a logo…The winner will get $1,000 and, most importantly, a ton of exposure.”

“This is not the minor league for graphic designers. A 99designs competition produced the logo for errand-runner TaskRabbit, a finalist for the 2011 Crunchies (awards put out by TechCrunch, GigaOm and VentureBeat). The cost to TaskRabbit? $396.”

“99designs has doubled its staff numbers to over 50 and employed Jeff Titterton as chief marketing officer and Caroline Moon as chief financial officer. According to CEO Patrick Llewellyn, 2012 is shaping up as another ‘stand-out year for 99designs.’”

“The four-year-old company...has doubled the run rate of new contests from a year ago and is on track to surpass 200,000 design contests by the end of 2012. That’s serious. It’s disruptive . . . and awesome.”

“Crowdsourcing outfit 99designs says it’s on track to surpass 200,000 design contests by year end after doubling the number of monthly design contests held on its site year over year.”

“99designs chief executive Patrick Llewellyn says 2011 was a standout year, from rapid growth in contests and payouts to the launch of localised versions of the site in Australia and Canada.”

“Some of 99design's top designers are earning more than $10,000 per month, and the company says it will pay its community $1.5 million in January alone.”

“The highly controversial marketplace for crowd sourced designs continues to march through the torches and pitchforks to build a pretty interesting business…I talked to a few designers who’ve built staggering businesses off 99designs.”

“Accel Partners led the round, and was joined by angel investors like Stewart Butterfield (Flickr, Tiny Speck), Dave Goldberg (SurveyMonkey), Michael Dearing (eBay, Harrison Metal) and Anthony Casalena (Squarespace)”

“Accel Partners, an early investor in Facebook Inc., Groupon Inc. and other white-hot companies, has led a $35 million Series A investment in graphic design marketplace 99designs”

“This huge market makes it simple and cheap for business owners and individuals to get custom sites and logos quickly and on the cheap.”

“More than 90% of 99designs’ customers come through word of mouth. Imagine if the company actually invested in sales and marketing.”

“Rapid growth of job postings on freelance web sites for highly skilled workers, including 99designs.com, is fueling the trend.”

“99designs - thousands of designers compete for clients who need logos, websites or anything else designed for their small business.”

“This is a story of an overnight success that was a few years in the making. 16 months ago, 99designs launched and quickly became a marketplace that facilitated $5 million in design work.”

“Try crowdsourcing to leverage the larger community of design talent.”

“99designs is a crowdsourcing marketplace where individuals and small businesses can post graphic work that they need done. Within hours of a project being posted, designers from all around the world compete by uploading fully completed concept designs, which are than reviewed and rated by the project poster. At the end of the project period, a winning design is chosen and paid out the prize money.”

“While waiting to get into the Mashable party, I caught up with Jason to find out how 99designs is doing a year later. The big news out of 99designs is the launch of their logo store. Designers who have won at least one competition on 99designs can then create stock logos and place them in the logo store. Companies and small businesses can quickly select a logo for $99 with non-exclusive rights (or they can pay $300 for exclusive rights) and then the designer will customize the logo with the company name, etc. in 24 hours.”

“I’m excited to reveal the details of an interesting project that our friends from 99designs.com have been working on. Introducing the 99designs Ready-made Logo Store. The idea is you can browse a catalogue of logo designs (designed by the 99designs community) and buy them “off the shelf,” customized with your business name, for $99.”

“99designs is on Facebook! 99designs is the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design. Need something designed? Run logo and web designs contests. We have thousands of designers competing. Stay on budget, choose the right design.”

“At a family event over the weekend, I spent some time chatting with a cousin who just graduated from high school but isn’t sure what he wants to do next. He’s enrolled for some classes at a community college and has bigger dreams of a career in child psychology. But, in the meantime, he’d like to do something with a hobby - graphic design.”

"A new generation of online service marketplaces is giving small companies more opportunities than ever to find specialized expertise and affordable labor."

“Freelance graphic artists and Web designers who create logos, Web sites, letterhead, business cards and so on are competing for projects on the site 99designs.com. Each month about $125,000 in business from the site goes to U.S. designers; the average payout is $350 per designer. Even more importantly, many designers use this as a springboard to find new clients and develop long-term relationships to build up their freelance business.”

“More than 20,000 graphic designers have registered on the job site 99designs.com. Companies want design services, but not the usual price tag. So, designers from all over the world work for free, and compete for a top prize. Our video report has more.”

“In February this year the online media company and forum operator SitePoint spun off a new company, 99designs.com, as an independent online design marketplace. According to SitePoint’s co-founder and director Mark Harbottle, 99designs.com now has annualised revenue approaching $2 million. More spin-offs will follow.”

“99designs has 20,331 designers from 134 countries, which means clients can access a far broader range of ideas than they could by briefing a local web developer. Rather than getting a handful of concepts, most competitions attract more than 50 entries.”

“‘The main thing that 99designs is about is choice,’ says Matt Mickiewicz, the U.S. office representative for 99designs, ‘It’s a fantastic model that eliminates risk for small business owners and puts designers on equal footing.’ Designers can be of any age, background or level of experience to post designs on the site, making the site a great lead-generator. ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 60. It’s completely based on merit.’ Most participants are students and freelancers, but Mickiewicz says that several designers have managed to make a living out of the site, including a designer in Romania who earned approximately $25,000 USD.”

“The Top Website Award, sponsored by SmartCompany, was won by 99designs. Its founder is Mark Harbottle.”

“To some extent, Web 2.0 or the read-write web as it is known, is all about crowd sourcing. The idea is that the crowd can create content for you, give feedback and even have a hand in designing products they really want.

It's a tricky concept for many companies to master but the latest generation of crowd-sourced websites such as 99designs and Gooruze are making it safe for businesses to participate.”

“Fancy yourself as a creative type? Got loads of ideas and no outlet? Or perhaps you need something designed for you. 99designs can help. They aim to put creative people in touch with prospective clients and there's a lot of money to made if you're full of ideas.”

“More and more we’re all witnessing the power of the Internet and the successful businesses being built from it. Today more so than ever the possibility of packing your business along with your other hand luggage essentials and taking it with you without anyone even noticing your daring escape becomes a very viable option.”

“[99designs] connects thousand of designers from around the world with clients who need design tasks completed fast, and without the usual high cost and limited choice you get from most traditional design firms.”

“99designs is one of the few sites I’ve seen that is really making this work. They’re focused on graphic design: logos, icons, and other visual work. People who need something fill out a brief about their needs, pay $39 for a listing, and specify what they’ll pay for the final product. Then designers contribute their ideas, which the potential client can rate and comment on. In the end, the deal gets done, the designer gets the money, and the client gets graphic work that strikes them as best-of-breed.”

“1500 designs submitted every day. That’s about one every sixty seconds.”

“Forget about all those web 2.0 start-ups with no revenue and a business model that focuses solely on selling out to Google or Yahoo! as soon as possible. The real prime real estate on the web is in online marketplaces.”

“Gaining access to thousands of aspiring designers means that a small town pub or a summer computer camp can buy a logo or t-shirt design for USD 100-200. Meanwhile, designers from across the world can tap into a much larger market for their services, while building their portfolio, honing their skills and presenting to real clients.”

“There's strength in numbers, as crowdsourcing proves as it takes off around the world.”


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