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Winning design

Classical Violinist Business Card Printed on Wood

Performer and private instructor of classical violin and viola. Member of MET Orchestra. Target audience: concert pre...

By Classical Violinist in Business card

182 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

**Love the life you live**Live the life you love**Business Card Design - Master Coach

I provide professional life coaching services to people during relationship and career transitions. I also use aroma...

By heather.dawn.miller in Business card

17 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Biz Op Professional Business Cards

David Lelievre, CEO of Biz Op Reports provides real experience, invaluable insight, and the best MLM/Biz Ops.

By McClain Concepts in Business card

108 Entries $156 bronze price
Winning design

Create a Business Card for Community Tax

Community Tax is a full-service tax company that services clients across the United States with tax problems, account...

By Kshiner in Business card

229 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design


Neptune Construction Group is a full-service construction company specializing in the hospitality industry. Our capab...

By NEPTUNE HAWAII in Business card

265 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Eye Catching Business Card

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Advisement (retail, industrial, and land). No single family homes...

By craigmelt in Business card

217 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Design a stunning card for one of the top cybersecurity consulting firms in the world

Target Audience: CXOs of venture funded cybersecurity software companies What we do: Business Consulting, helping th...

By tomalbert in Business card

381 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Business card based on logo for largest neighborhood network website in the US

We help build stronger neighborhoods by providing a communications service that connect police, schools, and resident...

By ericliu Z in Business card

94 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Design the Card that will be in EVERYONES Hand

Angelo Lombardo is a keynote speaker, American business professional and motivational leader. He's audience ranges fr...

By McClain Concepts in Business card

160 Entries $156 bronze price
Winning design

Create a Business Card for a NEW SOFTWARE PLATFORM for High-Science Inventions

ArchiTech is a novel software platform designed to help screen, provide visibility for, and guide the further develop...

By ArchiTechPlatform in Business card

414 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Contemporary Business Card for Mobile Technology Company

SWRemote makes mobile (iOS/Android) apps for contractors in the residential home services industry that help companie...

By SWRemote in Business card

24 Entries $643 platinum price
Winning design

Velo Solar needs a high-energy business card!

We engineer and install solar panel systems to any US-based company looking to use green, renewable energy to reduce ...

By ltudor in Business card

289 Entries $199 bronze price

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