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Winning design

Virtual Doorman Web Portal Design Update

Virtual Doorman is a unique system designed to provide buildings with a cost-effective, remote alternative to a tradi...

By Cmorettin in Web Page

28 Entries $1,199 silver price
Winning design

Premium Website needed

We offer a non-surgical vision correction procedure called: sleepSEE. It's great for ages six years old and up.

By eyemedics in Web Page

172 Entries $3,099 platinum price
Winning design

We need an AMAZING website!

We are an investment company with a portfolio of startups as well as investing in a wide range of business ventures. ...

By jbryant 8 in Web Page

27 Entries $2,199 gold price
Winning design

Bold, elegant splash site for transformation start-up in networking

Our target audience is highly skilled technical executives, developers and operators in networking and infrastructure...

By Stateless Networks in Web Page

38 Entries $1,049 silver price
Winning design

Modern Easy to Use Design for

We provide a comparison of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) odds from soon to be 10 sportsbooks (only 5 currently on site). T...

By Rogercompatible in Web Page

30 Entries $1,599 gold price
Winning design

Create a capturing civil engineering website

We are a civil engineering firm. Our services include, grading, utility, and storm water design. Our clients are priv...

By anthonygz in Web Page

132 Entries $1,199 bronze price
Winning design

Advisor Blueprints needs a classy Website.

We provide comprehensive business evaluations to financial advisors. They're Wall Street professions working in Wealt...

By dpeterson V in Web Page

122 Entries $3,099 platinum price
Winning design

Unknown Golf Redesign

Unknown Golf is a web based application for players to run Golf Leagues...

By billtrabosh in Web Page

35 Entries $1,499 silver price
Winning design

Create Responsive Web Design for Teenage Friendly Modern Medical Office

We are an Orthodontic Office. We make people have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. We love happy faces and turni...

By Hardik_kapadia in Web Page

241 Entries $2,199 gold price
Winning design

Create an awseome ecommerce site for hersack eco-bags that will appeal to women who buy natural products!

I make reusable shopping bags out of hemp. They are natural, washable, biodegradable, resist mold & bacteria.

By Debra J. Reed in Web Page

102 Entries $1,199 bronze price
Winning design

Investment Banking WordPress

We are an investment bank that caters to the top technology firms in Silicon Valley, including Uber and Airbnb....

By samyudes in Web Page

35 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Design for a Health System’s Corporate Website and one of it’s primary entities

Covenant Health Systems is a values-based, Catholic, not-for-profit health care system based in Tewksbury, Massachuse...

By AvidBrett in Web Page

40 Entries $3,099 platinum price


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