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Winning design

Pandemonium-- Dark Fantasy EBook Cover (front side only)

By Derek Edgington in Book Cover

80 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

A Book of History, Myth, and Fantasy: Design the Cover

The Jericho River is a novel that uses fantasy to teach the history of Western Civilization. It’s won several awards ...

By Dtollen in Book Cover

71 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Create a book cover for "Predictable (sales) Prospecting"

B2B sales training and sales process consulting...

By bestresearch in Book Cover

51 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Create a cover for my Kindle eBook, "Ten Things Doctors Won't Tell You About Your CPAP Machine"

By philelmore in Book Cover

19 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Burn, Baby, Burn book cover design (ebook & print)

This book is about sparking your creativity through a simple spiritual practice

By Evan Griffith in Book Cover

261 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Create a cool kid book cover for a shoe and height obsessed sixth grade character

I write novella length fiction for 8 - 13 year olds...

By dadforfive87 in Book Cover

48 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Gothic fantasy book cover

Imagine a Gothic style fantasy with a secret society that is guarding forbidden knowledge. The cover should reflect it.

By info IMY in Book Cover

38 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Award Winning Book Cover 2D

I am a Psychoanalyst/Business Coach who also hosts an Award Winning Podcast on iTunes...

By lintucker in Book Cover

85 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Create a forboding book cover for a thrilling Science Fiction novel

S-Impact: The Girl Who Stole Tomorrow is a young adult science fiction novel set in a post-apocalyptic alien world. H...

By DBMcDowell08 in Book Cover

97 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Create a sexy book cover for romance author

Genre: Contemporary Romance Target Audience: Females ages 18-65...

By eltodd42 in Book Cover

64 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

The Gathering Book 2 of The Demon Wars

By lloydson in Book Cover

108 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Create a classy, professional book cover for Whale Hunting with Global Accounts; Color Palette in Brief

We deliver The Whale Hunters Process(tm) for selling bigger deals to bigger companies. Our clients are owners, CEOs,...

By bweaversmith in Book Cover

76 Entries $1,199 platinum price


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