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Winning design

Cinematic Cover Art for Futuristic Sci-Fy Novel- kIngless

I am a 1st time author who is excited to bring my sci-fi novel - kIngless - to the world. I can’t wait to see the ins...

By kinglessnovel in Book Cover

30 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Void Boundary (Cover art for sci-fi novel)

Book 1: The Axelon Monocracy

By joehitt in Book Cover

170 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Create a Winning and unique never seen before book cover that confronts male on male rape

The product is a book that helps male victims get over male on male rape or a sexual assault overcome their fears, pa...

By isisheaven in Book Cover

42 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

10th Contest - New Investing Book Cover!

Investing strategies...

By Mebane Faber in Book Cover

333 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Create an eye catching, best selling, Urban Fantasy book cover for Emerge: The Awakening

An awesome story about Immortals

By Melissa ghf in Book Cover

131 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

The process in the book helps families create enduring God centered legacies and impact Kingdom causes around the world.

Our subtext to our name is Building Impactful Family Legacies...In the book we talk about how build a legacy of God C...

By jsturniolo in Book Cover

208 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Diabetes Book Cover Needed Immediately

Helps people reverse Type 2 Diabetes naturally....

By Jeff Hockings in Book Cover

99 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Think Like A Billionaire

DO NOT USE STOCK PHOTOS or DOLLAR SIGNS. Billionaires think AbUNDANCE a book for Amazon and wider distribution

By baticlau in Book Cover

34 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Ebook Cover for Book Called "To Kill a God"

Target Audience is Young Adult...

By andycloward in Book Cover

100 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Talking to Crazy—compassionate but vibrant jacket cover

We publish many different types of non-fiction books to help people solve problems in their lives...

By couderkirk in Book Cover

162 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Showcase your art & talent!

This is a book for amazon and wider distribution. This is for a book cover & spine for my book titled "High Pressu...

By charles M1 in Book Cover

58 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory/ Book One in the Series (6 already written!)

My books are targeted at middle readers (ages 8-12) Girls are my primary audience as my books have 2 female heroines,...

By whitneysgifts1 in Book Cover

34 Entries $499 silver price


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