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Winning design

Game changing packaging re-design for Peeps Lens Cleaners

Our Peeps Lens Cleaners are hands down the safest, most tested and effective lens cleaning technology on the planet. ...

By djpatton in Product packaging

19 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Design 3 Dynamic Packages (generic designs included) for a Gaming Company! Let your creativity out!

We are hard core gamers who sell gaming accessories to hard core gamers....

By Dennis Simonson in Product packaging

15 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

Playlist Art

Elias Arts is a leading custom music house with offices in New York and Los Angeles. We also have a library music co...

By jim DZ in Product packaging

4 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Upright Honeycomb Box Design for the worlds deepest, darkest, strongest color changing t-shirt ever created.

SHADOW SHIFTER™ thermo reactive color changing t-shirt.

By karl 4 in Product packaging

74 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Need an exciting energetic packaging design for our Brooklyn Pro guitar capo

Our brand is a musical instrument accessory brand. Our products are for the guitar musician market only....

By trinston13 in Product packaging

24 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

New skin care line that actually works by the best in the biz in Las Vegas

skin care line. Very specialized in two variations. Women and men looking to take care of their skin. In particu...

By Brentzempel in Product packaging

61 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

High Tech Solar panel packaging for Velocity Grill

We manufacture portable wood BBQ grills, and accessories for the grills. Our audience is affluent males 28-54 years o...

By ricks.velocity in Product packaging

10 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

Packaging design for Glare Gone Sport

Eye Black cosmetic product applied to the face to reduce glare from sun or stadium lights for those involved in sport...

By GETHIER in Product packaging

60 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

8oz Plastic disposable Cup


By immanuelabraham in Product packaging

18 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Create the Xtremergy™ Branding for bottles

Xtremergy is a health and supplement company that delivers all natural, wild crafted supplements to the working profe...

By Stevevaltin in Product packaging

27 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Packaging to Change the Way America Eats Ice Cream

We are changing the way America eats ice cream. As The New York Times puts it, “smooth ice cream doesn’t give th...

By harrison n in Product packaging

67 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Unique Frozen Pizza Box Design

We are a frozen pizza manufacturer....

By smithpe6 in Product packaging

73 Entries $1,199 gold price


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