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Winning design

- S U N F L A R E S - Album Cover Needed for their Debut Album

It's an electronic rock album for a male audience ages 14-50.

By Dax A in Illustration & Graphics

196 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Create illustrated instruction card for DapWrap cord management device

The DapWrap is an earbud and power cord fashion accessory which helps avoid tangled cords. I am currently planning t...

By InventMike in Illustration & Graphics

20 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Achievement Card Concept for

Fantasy eSports platform that delivers a product focused on video gaming enthusiasts and culture

By jake 4 in Illustration & Graphics

12 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Lets Make Yoga Beautiful

We're re-imagining yoga blocks! Target audience: yogis of all shapes and sizes that like to stand out and be different.

By spenoe in Illustration & Graphics

32 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

Design for a Reward Reveal

Treats builds loyalty and rewards programs for mobile and web apps. When the target audience, users of the mobile an...

By mlucas q in Illustration & Graphics

13 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Holistic methodologies for integrating retirement accumulation and decumulation strategies for Docs

Matrix is a comprehensive wealth management firm. Our target audience is high net worth physicians who work for larg...

By dbarrow in Illustration & Graphics

4 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Every creative artist has lived this moment. Photoshop this inspiration for my aspiring artist son.

I own Texas Dreams Gymnastics (which has used in the past), however this project is for personal use....

By chrisburdette in Illustration & Graphics

48 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

Elegantly Detailed Heraldic Crests- Just 1 Crest to start (Winner will be hired to create 5 more @ $1400)

Total Project ~ $2,000 ~ 6 Crests - Start with This One.

By nethers in Illustration & Graphics

120 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

World map with specific countries filled in

We globally distribute soda ash to customers....

By ttorrillo in Illustration & Graphics

1 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

Design a Circular Process Flow for Technical Audience

Our target audience includes engineers and technical staff....

By Jgolob2002 in Illustration & Graphics

10 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Bring my Teen Science Fiction Book Logo to Life!

Mo Bros Books publishes fiction novels in a range of genres, notably Young Adult Science Fiction...

By gmkah04 in Illustration & Graphics

156 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Create Capturing Images for Samsung S6 phone cases and Tempered glass screen protector.

We sell Phone Cases and Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S6....

By adelmeguid in Illustration & Graphics

73 Entries $999 platinum price


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