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Winning design

Illustrated Logo for Smokin' Hot Original BBQ Pit

Cartoon logo using a pig, cow, and chicken to represent BBQ Pit

By Smokin' Hot in Illustration & Graphics

153 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Teddy Says "Wear Donate Recycle"

Clothing and shoe donation/ recycling programs...

By Tf G in Illustration & Graphics

145 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Create 3 Grey-Scale Graphics (Billboard, Cell Tower and Wind Turbine) for inclusion in a document

We purchase ground leases underneath micro-infrastructure sites: Cell Towers,Billboards and Wind Turbines...

By dparsons in Illustration & Graphics

5 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Create an Amazon product image of our phone case for UpHold Cases

We sell electronic accessories (mainly phone cases) currently on Amazon...

By Tuanqngo330 in Illustration & Graphics

17 Entries $309 bronze price
Winning design

Fantasy Role Playing Game Screenshots for the iTunes App Store

My company creates and markets mobile games. The contest is to create a marketing graphic to promote the game.

By in Illustration & Graphics

195 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Architectural Drawing Styling of Logo for InnerView Media

Looking for a statement piece to sit on a drafting table in conference room.

By Ja.producer in Illustration & Graphics

44 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

1950s film noir comic themed cover art for a launching podcast

A 30 minute podcast content covering current events and news as well as opinions conspiracy theories and comedy, driv...

By corykwilcox in Illustration & Graphics

18 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Thunderdome Art for Presentation

Blue Box delivers Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) to customers worldwide. The company’s technology platform leve...

By blueboxjesse in Illustration & Graphics

6 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Infographic showing evolution of storytelling

Mobile video app...

By Jason Toff in Illustration & Graphics

28 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Create a Retirement Tax Time Bomb illustration

Help financial advisors develop business....

By jbernstel in Illustration & Graphics

38 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

Small-batch distillery needs dramatic hobo for craft whiskey label

We are a small, family-owned startupsmall batch, premium whiskey from locally sourced grains that we mash, ferment, a...

By nathan Jk in Illustration & Graphics

37 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Create the latest San Francisco gourmet food truck wrap illustration!

The latest food truck to hit the streets of San Francisco will be Peruchi, which will offer Peruvian-Chinese cuisine.

By peruchitruck in Illustration & Graphics

49 Entries $1,199 platinum price


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