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Winning design

Create Kristina Schell's cd cover for her new single "Like A Lion"

Singer/songwriter Kristina Schell is releasing a new cd single in the Contemporary Christian Music genre titled, "Lik...

By Pdxkurt1 in Illustration & Graphics

206 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Illustrated Logo for Smokin' Hot Original BBQ Pit

Cartoon logo using a pig, cow, and chicken to represent BBQ Pit

By Smokin' Hot in Illustration & Graphics

153 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Create a fun and evocative dance festival illustration

The Southwest Florida Dance Fest is an annual event with the goal of promoting the health and wellness benefits of da...

By Charlotte612 in Illustration & Graphics

115 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Create 3 Grey-Scale Graphics (Billboard, Cell Tower and Wind Turbine) for inclusion in a document

We purchase ground leases underneath micro-infrastructure sites: Cell Towers,Billboards and Wind Turbines...

By dparsons in Illustration & Graphics

5 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

I want the best designers out there.

We sales IPhone 6 Cases on to all tipe of audience...

By aramisgil39 in Illustration & Graphics

54 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

1950s film noir comic themed cover art for a launching podcast

A 30 minute podcast content covering current events and news as well as opinions conspiracy theories and comedy, driv...

By corykwilcox in Illustration & Graphics

18 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Chakra Symbols for Essential Oil Blends

I am an aromatherapist and I have a line of chakra blends that I use during Chakra Balancing sessions. Each blend co...

By melissa 2Y in Illustration & Graphics

175 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

Aerial illustration of the Utah mountains

to celebrate and promote our flourishing entrepreneurship and technology ecosystem

By perspicacity in Illustration & Graphics

78 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Need Character Created for Video Series

We are a real estate brokerage that sells and leases residential properties....

By RealtyKings in Illustration & Graphics

20 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Create innovative packaging for Diet Sugar

Ecosweet is brand name for organic, Fair Trade and natural low cal and zero calorie, non-GMO sweeteners....

By Sonny Berry in Illustration & Graphics

117 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Create a cool infographic to help build financial plans for young professionals

I provide financial planning to young professionals. My ideal client is a 30 year-old, single female, who works in t...

By landonloveall in Illustration & Graphics

49 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

Create the latest San Francisco gourmet food truck wrap illustration!

The latest food truck to hit the streets of San Francisco will be Peruchi, which will offer Peruvian-Chinese cuisine.

By peruchitruck in Illustration & Graphics

49 Entries $1,199 platinum price


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