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Winning design

Create two illustrations depicting a couple driving in a car

We are looking for the right artist to create all the art work for our business web site

By istrator KA in Illustration & Graphics

56 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Solitaire game "Victory" image - seen millions of times a month

World of Solitaire is a free site to play solitaire on. The site is located here: ...

By Robert Schultz in Illustration & Graphics

153 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Design The Most Recognizable Coffee Cup !

Our product - paper cups, are used by people all over the world to enjoy hot drinks, especially coffee! Hot coffee ta...

By kathyd34 in Illustration & Graphics

66 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Washed Away iTunes Single Album Cover

I am a solo artist trying to make music that inspires others to help change the world for the better....

By travisboothman in Illustration & Graphics

137 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

Brand video SVG art needed!

We manufacture outdoor cleaning products for gas stations and convenience stores....

By kjgarvin in Illustration & Graphics

7 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

Cute Cat & Dog Mascots Needed (cartoon style)

Seeking cartoon style cat & dog mascots to add to print, website, social media, etc

By Farmer-Ted in Illustration & Graphics

125 Entries $399 silver price
Winning design

Re-create our healthy hero!

Veggie Jamz are pure fruit and vegetable combined into a jam with agave nectar, fresh lemon juice and fruit pectin. I...

By kapowjamz in Illustration & Graphics

22 Entries $249 bronze price
Winning design

Create an album cover for Finn's new album - "Art&Espionage" (Preview @


By mark.finn in Illustration & Graphics

125 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Create a beautiful line art drawing of a tattooed angel for a top e-liquid company!

SB Products is one of the leaders in e-liquid manufacturing for electronic cigarettes. Currently there are two e-liq...

By pipthebunny in Illustration & Graphics

82 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Modern Cloud Technology Illustrations/Layout Needed

We are a team of consultants that help clients build and deliver private cloud computing environments to their intern...

By brandon.sanders in Illustration & Graphics

25 Entries $699 gold price
Winning design

Einstein, Freud, Warhol, Tesla & Gandhi: Turn them into cartoon characters!

We need fun, top notch illustrations for toy packaging.

By FCTRY in Illustration & Graphics

76 Entries $1,059 platinum price
Winning design

Feisty Cowgirl wanted for Texas liquor brand!

We currently make and market Paula's Texas Orange Liqueur and Paula's Texas Lemon Liqueur in Austin, Texas....

By carolynkelleher in Illustration & Graphics

34 Entries $999 platinum price


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