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Winning design

New Candle Labels

We are the nations only custom soy candle company. We sell to both wholesale and retail customers....

By seanbwheeler in Product label

73 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Redesign label of high end pet shampoo line

To help you achieve the best design possible we are extending the contest and adding bottle images to work with.

By cperez G in Product label

115 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Fun project! Create a new label for our Organic Juicing Supplement :) Winner gets future projects!

24/7 Organics is focused on supplying 100% organic juicing supplements (gently dried powder). No need for a juicer he...

By peter wt in Product label

64 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Create a Tough Duck for sport equipment Label

We are selling sports equipment to Gym Rats, Athletes, and fitness enthusiasts....

By in Product label

47 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Redesign Skincare Line Labeling

We manufacture skincare products...

By Jason81634 in Product label

93 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Create the next product label for New supplement brand "Bynol Formulas"

We sell and manufacture supplements and nutrition products for health please note that our main category is overal...

By cicadanatural in Product label

86 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Create a Healthy & Innovative Tea Label for Green Root Wellness

Health & Wellness eCommerce business marketing to 20 - 65 year old customers looking to get fit and stay healthy

By william.r.shea in Product label

75 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

PRODUCT LABEL for Higher End Supplements

We are a nutritional supplement brand that target higher end users....

By BronzeBuddah in Product label

15 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

beer label

We brew craft Beer. The world is our audience...

By screechowlbrewing in Product label

39 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Exercise Your Creativity - 3D Render & Label. Can You Create Quality 3D Product Images? We Want You!

We are a manufacture of health foods and weight loss supplements. We sell our own products online so we are marketing...

By suprfast450 in Product label

27 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Laurel Ridge Wine Label

Winery looking for a new label....

By ryan iEF in Product label

146 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Design a label for an Organic Pre-Workout Supplement

Our company makes USDA certified organic workout supplements. We have three products: an organic pre-workout, a vani...

By Johnaramsey in Product label

41 Entries $1,199 platinum price


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