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Winning design

Paisley pattern for home brewers and craft beer enthusiasts.

Original paisley pattern with hops and barley

By The Warped Bottle in Clothing & Merchandise

86 Entries $249 silver price
Winning design

Create a colorful and vibrant pattern for the 2015 Inge Weis swimwear collection.

Inge Weis is a designer American made swimwear. The primary customer base is the confidant 18-35 year old female....

By ingeweisfashion in Clothing & Merchandise

38 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

Compact Multi-tool for everyday use on a keychain.

We produce custom metal multi tools.

By shirtandsignguy in Clothing & Merchandise

32 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

Create Digital Camo Patterns for Sports Apparel

Custom Sports Sleeves is a manufacturer of athletic sporting apparel....

By CustomSportsSleeves in Clothing & Merchandise

116 Entries $189 bronze price
Winning design

Create private label, apparel hang tags & landing page for high end girls clothing line

high end clothing and accessories and misc related goods for young girls...

By marva in Clothing & Merchandise

37 Entries $249 silver price
Winning design

Creative design competition for an athletic shoe design for Jennus

Jennus Athletics Company (JAC) is involved in the athletic apparel and footwear business. More specifically, we desig...

By Jennus in Clothing & Merchandise

30 Entries $599 platinum price
Winning design

Horse and Barn Boot Print Design!

We sell and manufacture waterproof shoes and boots some with prints and others solid colors. Target audience is women...

By Slogger Girl in Clothing & Merchandise

166 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

A cross made from the words "LOVE" and "EVERYONE."

Our organization is for Christians who want to remind the world that Jesus' main message was to love other people - a...

By Jerome Connelly in Clothing & Merchandise

179 Entries $189 bronze price
Winning design

Design a shirt and hat dedicated to Blonde Ale

I will be looking for multiple designers for future work so even if you don't win, I may have a job for you soon.

By The Warped Bottle in Clothing & Merchandise

151 Entries $249 silver price
Winning design

NSU LAW T-Shirt Graphic

Law School Student T-Shirts

By lr1079 in Clothing & Merchandise

154 Entries $189 bronze price


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