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Winning design

Creative design competition for an athletic shoe design for Jennus

Jennus Athletics Company (JAC) is involved in the athletic apparel and footwear business. More specifically, we desig...

By Jennus in Clothing & Merchandise

30 Entries $599 platinum price
Winning design

Ski event logo

We are planning a 40th birthday party and want a logo to put on hats and/or bags for guests...

By Mfitzgibbons in Clothing & Merchandise

96 Entries $189 bronze price
Winning design

Design a cool patch for a motorcycle club

We are a small private motorcycle club, we want a to have a design made so we can have it made into a large patch to ...

By Dordicklaw in Clothing & Merchandise

48 Entries $599 platinum price
Winning design

Microfiber Cloth Conference Giveaway / Looks Like A Beach Towel

This is a giveaway for a Cyber Security Conference called S4. The conference website is

By peterson x in Clothing & Merchandise

60 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

Custom Bandana for action sports company

We are a lifestyle clothing company for younger males age 14-28. I am looking for a updated look from an traditional ...

By rob 3y in Clothing & Merchandise

28 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

Create a logo for an offshore Texas fishing boat for a family of fishing enthusiasts

It's the name of a fishing boat! Husband and two sons named it (i.e., they're the triple threat when they're out in t...

By erinclaire in Clothing & Merchandise

31 Entries $249 silver price
Winning design

Edgy Retail Fashion Accessory Line Needs Your Help-Watch Casing Design

Edgy Retail Fashion Accessory Line. We use items like nails, screws, lock washers, and nuts with soft materials such ...

By Jen du in Clothing & Merchandise

122 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

We Reinvented The Wheel. Literally. - Help design graphic for major chain!

Skateboard graphic that fits an entire longboard (10''x44''). High Tech/Modern Feel. NOT A LOGO.

By Shark Wheel in Clothing & Merchandise

172 Entries $249 silver price
Winning design

Medusa -- Athletic Headband

We are creating high-end, athletic headbands for women....

By Gmarsh13 in Clothing & Merchandise

124 Entries $249 silver price
Winning design

Creative fashion designers for ties.

We are Chardóne a small startup based in Detroit Michigan. We are looking for a talented fashion designer to help us ...

By aaref5 in Clothing & Merchandise

140 Entries $189 bronze price
Winning design

Create an awesome, intuitive towel design to help triathletes worldwide

The TTTowel is a brightly colored towel (think highlighter color), that has specific sections marked off for each pie...

By brayden.santo in Clothing & Merchandise

131 Entries $189 bronze price


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