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Fisk Björn needs a new logo


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By Hanneli.salenius
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Congratulations to the winner, |Alex| !

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Design brief

Organization name

Fisk Björn

Description of business

Online baby store focused on Swedish/Scandinavian design fabric products (i.e. bedding, cloth bags etc; not clothing) targeting people outside of Scandinavia. The products will be mainly derived from swedish fabrics and sewing.

Organization industry

Home Furnishing


None specified

Further requirements

Our business will be targeting a product offering which is typically reflected in scandinavian product design (think IKEA products, clean and crisp). In the logo, we would like to use simple imagery of a *Fisk* (fish) and *Bjorn* (bear) in the design, this is important to communicate and engage with the customer (mainly being mum and child) and assist in the translation of FISK BJORN to FISH BEAR: We like the idea of young children being able to associate with the fish+bear in the logo.

Ideally the fisk/fish is a form of swedish herring/herringbone (see attached for examples) that are more elongated and not a fat fish. Bear should not be scary.

Our slogan will be "Sweden Delivered." reflecting the business of sending swedish products to customers and showing the swedish origin.

To build on the idea of fabric products and fabrics etc, we will be incorporating the the logo to custom ink stamps as part of "stamping" the product packaging. Logo will *need to work* on a single colour basis, but happy to have more than one colour for other mediums i.e. web / print. (Please see attachments for how we are thinking about the packaging stamping of the logo for reference).

As a secondary idea, we like the idea of a bear footprint somewhere in the design to make it (more) cute and playful, but we are open to suggestions and ideas. If this does not work (i.e. too busy) we will incorporate in to the later web design/biz cards, but ultimately would like to keep the logo at the simple end.

To summarise, the ultimate ideas we are trying to incorporate:
- Logo to have a scandinavian feel/colour(s)
- The images of the "fish and bear" should be easily recogniseable as possible to a child
- Prefer a swedish herring / elongated fish
- Logo should be able to work in single tone for the package stamping as discussed above

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