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Winning design

Web Info Graphic for Agricultural Diagnostic Pathogens

We sell agricultural diagnostic testing kits to growers of all sorts of crops. They can test seed or plant material ...

By Ryan Bedford in Infographic

72 Entries $1,599 gold price
Winning design

Infographic about how people use ApplePay, Square, PayPal, etc.

We are a site that offers advice on personal finance. Our target audience is really anyone who is looking to save mon...

By jeff 0w in Infographic

28 Entries $2,499 platinum price
Winning design

Create Infographic for LoyaltyVault, LLC

LoyaltyVault, LLC is bringing innovation in rapid mobile environment development for businesses. Our Pryze mobile pla...

By sujitdagar s in Infographic

16 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Vaccine Infographic

Provide personal injury attorney services to individuals....

By sundra j in Infographic

16 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Infographic for H.265

Surveillance systems provide much needed security, accountability and safety in this ever-changing, often unpredictab...

By Rishi 2 in Infographic

29 Entries $959 silver price
Winning design

Infographic to raise more awarness

We are an Internet Marketing Company that desires to create great digital products for our clients....

By jon 0I in Infographic

47 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Create a Story for a Testing Community: uTest 2014 in Review

We are the largest network of professional software testers in the world -- 150,000+ -- Free training, networking, di...

By Matt Solar in Infographic

50 Entries $899 silver price
Winning design

AMA Women CEOs Infographics


By davesummers in Infographic

58 Entries $1,599 gold price
Winning design

MLP Infograph for Oil and Gas Company

An oil and gas publication company developing magazines like Oil and Gas Investor and hosting conferences. Our targe...

By egroth in Infographic

8 Entries $2,499 platinum price
Winning design

Simple Infographics for popular nonfiction book; winner will also get other design jobs.

Looking for graphic that shows the relationship between an individual and a group.

By Dr. Ogi Ogas in Infographic

66 Entries $2,499 platinum price
Winning design

Engineered Supply Chain Infographic

Industrial products distributor selling automation and control products to builders of automated equipment and system...

By AWCwt in Infographic

67 Entries $899 silver price
Winning design

3 Ways Your Small Business Benefits from Using a PEO

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) provide human resource services to their small business clients—paying w...

By Robert11939 in Infographic

67 Entries $1,599 gold price


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