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Winning design

Bookiebuddy Poker needs Banners

I operate an online poker playing site. I am looking to appeal to poker players, s...

By clayliston in Flash banner

31 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Looking for a sweet banner ad for our exciting new power plant technology.

Power plant superchargers...

By peteperri in Flash banner

38 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Challenge: Creating Fresh Banner Ads for Complex Company. Do you accept?

Knowledge Services is a full service workforce management solutions company. Our target audience is Procurement Offi...

By lavons in Flash banner

13 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

GlobalSign Display Banner Ads - Rich Media & Static

Design 2 rich media and 2 static banner ads - 200x200 and 468x60

By maria.nedelcheva in Flash banner

41 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Create an Eye Catching Banner(s) for a New Downloadable Paintball Course

Create 2 flash banners for the main page of

By at in Flash banner

19 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Create Animated Banners for an Exciting and New Cavity Fighting Candy!

We are a consumer packaged goods company that has purchased the patent to a cavity fighting extract that when taken t...

By HealthyGrid in Flash banner

19 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Digital Banner Ad for Innovative Inkjet Company

Lawrence Gamblin started formulating inks for high-speed industrial inkjet printing in 1982. In 1989, Lawrence founde...

By Kadams2 in Flash banner

10 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Heritage for the Blind Banner Ad

Heritage for The Blind – Car Donation Program...

By HFTB in Flash banner

25 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Los Angeles Dedicated Flash Banner set

We sell dedicated servers, cloud servers and colocation in Los Angeles, on pure Internap network

By robbyhicks in Flash banner

37 Entries $599 gold price


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