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Winning design

Banner for Websites

Law firm focus on Family Law, Mediation, and Consumer Bankruptcy...

By cjremboldt in Banner Ad

23 Entries $49 bronze price
Winning design

2015 Banner Ads

We are a national retailer of Organic Soy Candles and Gifts....

By seanbwheeler in Banner Ad

31 Entries $129 gold price
Winning design

Create an engaging Facebook ad for an automotive video platform

The Dealer Video Showroom is an online video platform for car dealers that integrates on their existing website. It h...

By webmaster 6t in Banner Ad

20 Entries $79 silver price
Winning design

Financial Technology Remarketing Ads

PaymentVision is a biller-direct, PCI-compliant, electronic payment gateway provider. PaymentVision offers clients th...

By eorourke in Banner Ad

7 Entries $129 gold price
Winning design

Redesign Homepage Carousel Banners

Small, savvy, boutique marketing agency with locations in Hawaii, California and Idaho....

By wendy lI in Banner Ad

28 Entries $129 gold price
Winning design

Display Ad Contest for Lazarus Labs Get Lean 2015

A manufacture of over the counter weight loss and vitamin supplement that when taken as directed promote overall heal...

By pgblanchard81 in Banner Ad

10 Entries $79 silver price
Winning design

Love Texting Banner Ads!

This is a "Texting guidebook" for single women to learn how to text a man to flirt with him. Here's the main sales...

By Sexy Confidence in Banner Ad

22 Entries $79 silver price
Winning design

Create simple but eyecatching banner ad for retargeting campaign for Attack Style Wrestling!

We sell amateur wrestling instructional dvds and online videos....

By ragetomaster in Banner Ad

14 Entries $199 platinum price
Winning design

Banner Ad for

We offer an additional smaller sign (and service) that goes on top of larger real estate "For Sale" signs. The se...

By Craig - Vlucid Inc in Banner Ad

7 Entries $49 bronze price
Winning design

Create banners for next big Mobile Analytics Co - Zen Marketing

We provide an analytics platform to mobile-first performance marketers (our top clients are Lyft, Zynga, NetEase, Spo...

By david Mc in Banner Ad

7 Entries $199 platinum price
Winning design

Design a holiday-themed 12-day giveaway graphic for cyclists!

We are the #1 resource for cycling news and events in Arizona and the Southwest region of the United States. Our audi...

By sarah Xj in Banner Ad

9 Entries $49 bronze price
Winning design

Design Black Friday Sale Banner for Website

Create Black Friday Banner ad for ecommerce website. The banner should include a background and text - Black Friday ...

By Andrea10296 in Banner Ad

10 Entries $199 platinum price


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