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Winning design

High Tech (RF Components manufacture) banners for Defense Aerospace industry

We are RF/Microwave components manufactures which focus on the Aerospace, national defense, military application, com...

By MICHAEL zh in Banner Ad

60 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Winner gets a BIG Ad Campaign for our Fantastic Nutritional Supplement

Our product, Pruvin, is a nutritional supplement (cross between medicine and a vitamin.) Please see attached PRODUCT ...

By CollectiveSollutions in Banner Ad

107 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Banner Ad Design - Auto Dealership

A multi-location auto dealership that specializes in providing on the lot financing to credit challenged customers....

By jdgeddie in Banner Ad

49 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Illustrate a Starving Citrus Tree

We are targeting the grove managers who grow citrus trees in the state of Florida....

By ncampbell V in Banner Ad

35 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Create a beautiful Light filled banner for a Spiritual/Metaphysical Public Figure

I'm a spiritual/metaphysical public figure, teacher, lecturer, energetic healer who offers tele-seminars, workshops b...

By raquel Z in Banner Ad

294 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Banner Ad Design Contest for Access Hosting Databases

We are a web hosting company focused on small to medium sized business. Our specialty revolves around Microsoft Offi...

By mike.gnade in Banner Ad

114 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Ultra Gaming Banner Ad

Ultra Gaming is an organized video gaming competition where users compete for money in esports like Counter-Strike...

By myalexbennett in Banner Ad

305 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Flash Banner To Coincide With A Print Ad For Golf Courses

This banner will go on web site for Golf Course Superintendents. They use our fertilizers to make their golf courses ...

By ncampbell V in Banner Ad

15 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Design a high performing Facebook ad for an exciting mobile app company

MileIQ is an app that takes the hassle out of mileage tracking and makes it easy to claim the full value of miles.

By IanAndersen in Banner Ad

26 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Create banner ad for iDriveYourCar for grand prize & possible freelance contract with

iDriveYourCar Banner Ad

By iDriveYourCar in Banner Ad

161 Entries $1,059 platinum price
Winning design

Liori Diamonds Banner - 3

high end diamond jewelry & engagement rings...

By Adamandco2005 in Banner Ad

46 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Maui Rental Car Company Needs Banner Ad for Active Lifestyle Travelers

We rent cars on the island of Maui. We cater to those vacationers who don't want a bullseye on their back that scream...

By Stephan15 in Banner Ad

89 Entries $299 silver price

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