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Winning design

-- Multiple Winners Needed for Bundle Sale Banner Ads --

We provide paleo resources to people looking to live a healthier life style. Our target audience are adults who woul...

By cforceiii in Banner Ad

194 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Design a "Subscribe" button for a popular website!

Conservative news and newsletter alerts for a conservative/libertarian audience....

By icanenterprises in Banner Ad

26 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Bold Banner Ads for Dog Owners is an online marketplace for dog-sitting. Think AirBnb for your pup; a place to find them dog-sitters when ...

By in Banner Ad

38 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Banner Ad Design for CNC Machining Company

CNC Machining is the main value. Specializing in fast quotes and short lead times. Prototypes and low volume prod...

By Mitchfree in Banner Ad

19 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Create a banner for young, Denver professionals

We are a young church that serves the north east neighborhoods of Denver, Colorado....

By ricky p in Banner Ad

43 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Create some hip ads to rally soccer moms to sign up

We provide members (Internet users) with a great way to earn cash online for activities they're already doing: shoppi...

By danderson k in Banner Ad

15 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Create new banner ad designs for a company that helps businesses go paperless

Canvas is a cloud-based software service that enables businesses to replace expensive and inefficient paper forms wit...

By justin.higgins in Banner Ad

73 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Create a compelling banner for Ekotrope's True Cost of Home Ownership Comparison

We are a software and consulting company working with the home building industry. The product that we will be workin...

By nick Y6t in Banner Ad

27 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Needs Iphone 6 Case Banner

We sell iPhone 6 cases on

By stase in Banner Ad

5 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Popular Children's Boutique Seeking Banner Ad Package

We are a children's boutique (online based) offering deep discounts on children's clothing and accessories. Our targ...

By morgan k in Banner Ad

72 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Betting Beast Banner Ads

We have a subscription website that is a database that sports wagering enthusiasts will use to backtest data, make sm...

By Kcindc02 in Banner Ad

56 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Create an effective Facebook ad for a disruptive dating app, Love Lab®

Love Lab® is a mobile dating platform for meeting authentic people. It also enhances other apps, sites and services.

By sward W in Banner Ad

37 Entries $199 bronze price


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