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I'm a designer of brands and experiences with a degree in Journalism. Designer/journalist hybrid. Covering design, tech, accessibility. Figma-holic since 2020. Curious and colorful. Here for a good time.

Member since: July 19, 2014


"Irina worked incredibly hard and was responsive on all change requests to get the final files ready for our marketing event!"
Profile pictureBrian98221 reviewed almost 6 years ago
"The designer took care of the entire project to my full satisfaction."
Profile pictureRobo Coder reviewed over 6 years ago
"Thank you very much"
Profile pictureRobo Coder reviewed over 7 years ago
"CMIDP design images for Windows Forms buttons and pictures. "
Profile pictureRobo Coder reviewed about 8 years ago
"User interface design for a Windows Forms application"
Profile pictureRobo Coder reviewed over 8 years ago