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Winning design

Hey Joe Coffee looking for Unique Package Design

We have designed the worlds first smart coffee mug. A coffee mug that can brew coffee inside of the mug anywhere, any...

By JordanLWarren in Product packaging

45 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

Oh La La... Cara, Cara... Think Pink, Eat Pink

Spice up our Cara Cara Orange bag!!! Imgaine your design in thousands of supermarkets!!

By linda bh in Product packaging

62 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Utica Dental Lab box design

Manufactures dental prosthetics (dentures, crowns, things like that) for dentists...

By Mattw1 in Product packaging

12 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

Protein bar wrapper

Our company makes and markets superior sugar-free and low carb candy and nutrition bars. Our target market is mostly ...

By rburkhart in Product packaging

76 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

Create elegant packaging for innovative, high-end fog free shower mirror

We are a home, bed, and bath brand whose first product is an elegant fog-free mirror for the shower....

By Jeff Chiz in Product packaging

32 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Packaging Design for Savior - a product line of luxurious battery cases!

We sell the luxurious Savior Battery Cases and Trays to automotive, marine, and recreational vehicle distributors, re...

By Brock8Jags in Product packaging

73 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

Create an upscale box design for a variety of coffee products.

We are online sellers, expanding our product line with our own brand of coffee and coffee related products (for examp...

By Good2Me in Product packaging

94 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

Vintage / Art Nouveau Inspired Kraft Pouches for Organic Chocolate Bars

We sell high quality organic chocolate bars in eco-friendly packaging in the United States...

By Endorfin Foods in Product packaging

30 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Organic 5 Bag Line for hard candy drops

Retail package for national accounts. 5 bag line of hard candy drops that will be sold as a line of candies....

By lredmond in Product packaging

182 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Playlist Art

Elias Arts is a leading custom music house with offices in New York and Los Angeles. We also have a library music co...

By jim DZ in Product packaging

4 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Create great looking packaging for Fusion Treats dry mixed baked goods.

Fusion Treats sells high-quality dry mixes for baked goods like brownies, cupcakes, and cookies. The customers buy t...

By fusiontreats in Product packaging

34 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

Create a lip gloss box design for Makeup Geek’s Plush Lip Creams

Makeup Geek is a upstart cosmetic company that caters to makeup artists and enthusiasts. Our target demographic is fe...

By Makeup Geek in Product packaging

107 Entries $1,699 platinum price


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