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Winning design

Create a modern postcard that promotes high quality commercial laundry products

We sell commercial washers and dryers to businesses such as hotels, nursing homes, factories, etc....

By Lauren lC in Postcard, Flyer & Print

24 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Design Flyer/Postcard for a NEW Boutique/ Brand in Los Angeles, CA!!

We are a women's clothing "boutique" that sells that latest trends in fashion. Are customers are youthful, feminine,...

By alisonmariebeal in Postcard, Flyer & Print

9 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

B2B Exporting ECommcerce Catalog! Majority of Assets supplied!!!! EASY!

Iwebgrocer is an online b2b exporting company for multinational brands in the US...

By romia in Postcard, Flyer & Print

44 Entries $719 gold price
Winning design

APO is going BIG with print marketing and we need your help with a flyer!

Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. is a Process Improvement Consultancy focused on permanently eliminating problems ...

By APO, inc. in Postcard, Flyer & Print

24 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Need a Stellar Leaflet/Handout for our HR Company!

We are a human resources outsourcing company.

By Paula94 in Postcard, Flyer & Print

74 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Desert Doze Needs A Flyer Sell Sheet ASAP!

We sell an all natural sleep aid called Desert Doze. Our target audience is anybody over the age of 18 who has troubl...

By elliot wO in Postcard, Flyer & Print

41 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

A Spartan-Warrior Inspired Design

We sell intense fitness equipment (pull up bars, jump ropes, etc) to athletes who are passionate about pushing their...

By icanenterprises in Postcard, Flyer & Print

50 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Create an event flyer for an Important/Exclusive Real Estate and Mortgage Seminar

Residential Mortgage Lending Target Audience: Anyone in the market to buy a home...

By tgil in Postcard, Flyer & Print

54 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Credit Repair Nerds License Income Potential Flyer

We offer Licensing Opportunities in the Credit Repair Industy...

By txferrari in Postcard, Flyer & Print

52 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Create 2-page ad for trade show guide

We create cloud-based HR software for large global businesses....

By vik.kashyap in Postcard, Flyer & Print

12 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

McFly Outdoors Ad

McFly Outdoors is the premiere outdoor headquarters in north central West Virginia. With locations in Horner, Flatwoo...

By kate Z7 in Postcard, Flyer & Print

16 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Trade Finance - Related Services, Marketing Piece

By bcgilbert in Postcard, Flyer & Print

66 Entries $599 gold price


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