Illustration of apple life cycle
Nationwide Tax Consultating Landing Page
ARABIAN HORSE show design
Adaptation Cycle Infographic
Exciting board game
Create An Image of a 'Bowl of Stars'
Illustration of a GreenStalk Vertical Planter!
Impactful bar chart infographic
Ultion Leaflet
Burglaring Infographic
Christmas Cards for Aldeas Infantiles SOS – Multiple winners + guaranteed prize
Digital Restaurant Menu Board Design


"<3 Top lvl of design "
Profile picturers0d
"A nice design with a quick turnaround, and incorporated feedback well / quickly"
Anonymous client
"Fast and great as always, thank you!"
Profile picturepgaulkinG
"A pleasure as always, highly recommended!"
Profile picturepgaulkinG
"We loved working with you ; fast turnaround (even faster than we could keep up with to give our comments !), professional communication and great quality of work !"
Profile pictureThe French Marketer
"Love the design, thank you again!"
Anonymous client
"Great communication, received all design according to my specifications! "
Profile pictureFootway
"Impactful design and collaborative and responsive in the editing phase. Recommended."
Anonymous client
"Dependable, fast, professional service!"
Profile pictureNathankepner
"powerfull <3 <3 <3"
Profile picturers0d
"Hector is profession and creative! "
Profile pictureStandUpKids
"I appreciated working with you ; Please send me a quote through 99Designs so we can keep working together on my next project !"
Anonymous client
"Great designer, worked fast and produced a more aesthetically pleasing result than all the other designers. Would definitely use him again."
Anonymous client
"They did a great job taking our vision and turning it into reality! High quality work."
Profile picturegrow x
"Great work as always!"
Anonymous client
"Thanks for your help with this design project. Please do not share or showcase the designs. This is a confidential project."
Anonymous client
"Thanks for your work on this project. This is a confidential project, please do not share the designs online."
Anonymous client
"Great ability to follow a brief and even when instructions aren't easy to follow there is a deeper understanding of the objectives. Enjoyed the project and very much felt like a team."
Profile pictureN1ck D
"Great design and loads of patience. Already doing more work together."
Profile pictureN1ck D
"Thanks for your graphic design work. Great work once again."
Anonymous client
"Thanks for your help with this graphic design project."
Profile pictureK5063
"I loved the work Fenhris did. It has a holistic kind of cohesiveness that just didn't seem to be common among the designs created for me."
Profile pictureHenning@ChewyApps
"Pleasure to work with this designer. Even during the handoff I felt the same level of support as during the entry process. I would heartily recommend inviting this designer who listens well to client feedback. I have more illustration contests coming ..."
Profile picturegregmching
"Great designer. Totally understood the concept I was trying to describe and executed it perfectly. I had tried to create this image in the past with 2 separate design firms and both times the final image was a failure, it took them weeks to complete a..."
Profile pictureMattGlobex