Bold And Confident Logo For Leather Company
Bold Logo For Challenge Coin
Innovative Logo For Aerial Company
Rockin Logo To Prepare Zombie Apocalipse
Lionic Logo For Religious Urban Group
Logo mixing 1900's aesthetic with modern design
Beer O' Clock Brewing
Clean , Dark and Raging Logo
Clean , Clever Logo For Clear Horizon
Cool Logo For Hip Hop Clothing Brand
New Dope Clothing Brand I'm Calling It Official Shenanigans Club Logo : )
Bold Grungy Logo For Cool Crossfit


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"Designer went above expectations to make sure the final design was perfect"
Profile picturenbproject3M reviewed 2 months ago
"One of the best designers I've worked with"
Profile pictureNSP Digital reviewed 4 months ago
"We were so grateful for the extensive menu of choices and options for slightly different takes on the same design. Very responsive and willing to make changes to format and size."
Profile pictureKatherine & Chandra reviewed 4 months ago
"Loved the design! Very responsive and flexible."
Profile pictureKatherine & Chandra reviewed 7 months ago
"very good guy to work with. Excellent design. No issues with giving different design and different looks. THIS guy is to work with. no doubt about it. "
Profile pictureOlivetreetx reviewed 10 months ago
"Great working with you! Thank you very much "
Profile picturemillercamden2c reviewed 11 months ago
"Created a really cool logo concept that I couldn't have thought of on my own. Will be a big help to my brand."
Anonymous client reviewed about 1 year ago
"Thank you! These are great!"
Profile picturenamrata.ganatra reviewed about 1 year ago
"Great concept of design for our business model. Classic and clean."
Anonymous client reviewed over 1 year ago
"We are happy working with Artzuck. Artzuck continues to deliver, both on a previous project and on this project. We look forward to our next project with Artzuck!"
Profile picturecrystalynnann1 reviewed over 1 year ago
"Working with Artzuck was wonderful. He came up with the perfect design right away, I loved his vision. Great to work with, personal, so kind, and helpful. I would recommend Artzuck to anyone!! Highly. "
Profile picturejamiegosse reviewed over 1 year ago
"We really love our logo style, color, and font and so did the section of our target market when we polled a segment group. Artzuck was easy to work with, listened to our needs, and really hit the mark for us! We couldn't have asked for a better result!"
Profile picturecrystalynnann1 reviewed over 1 year ago
"Very talented designer and easy to work with."
Anonymous client reviewed almost 2 years ago
"GOOD STUFF very creative and fast working "
Profile picturejusticeiec01 reviewed about 2 years ago
"Very responsive and did great work!"
Anonymous client reviewed about 2 years ago
"Excellent work, responsive on changes and ideas. Nice Job."
Anonymous client reviewed over 2 years ago
"he was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Anonymous client reviewed over 2 years ago
"Great working with Artzuck, fast and responsive. "
Anonymous client reviewed over 2 years ago
"Extremely talented designer who is willing to make any changes or adjustments you need!"
Anonymous client reviewed almost 3 years ago
"Such a talented designer!! We already hired them for an additional project. They were a perfect fit for this project. Extremely helpful and made all revisions quickly!"
Anonymous client reviewed about 3 years ago
"So happy with the designs, she did a great job. Thank you so much "
Profile picturechinchilla_2001 reviewed over 3 years ago
"Fabulous design. Thanks!"
Anonymous client reviewed over 3 years ago
"Above and beyond my wildest expectations. artzuck took a simple idea and took it to new heights. Truly an amazing and talented artist and a pleasure to work with. "
Anonymous client reviewed almost 4 years ago
"I'm very happy with the logo. Thank you!"
Profile pictureBevanB reviewed almost 4 years ago
"Artzuck made a very creative interpretation of my briefe at first attempt. His proposal surprised and attracted me, it rised form the rank"
Profile picturev.boisgelot reviewed almost 4 years ago
"Great first experience. A ton of communication. Will definitely recomend. "
Profile picturejesse_cazares reviewed almost 4 years ago
"Great job - thank you!"
Profile picturerob_t_lee reviewed about 4 years ago
"It took many revisions, but in the end im very happy!"
Anonymous client reviewed over 4 years ago
"Great designer! Very responsive and very creative"
Anonymous client reviewed over 4 years ago
"well done!Good design should be able to attract more customer to buy."
Anonymous client reviewed over 4 years ago
"Artzuck did a fantastic job! We're super pleased with the logo work we got. Very creative with lots of logo versions to choose from. Thanks artzuck!"
Profile picturelauren.bennett06 reviewed almost 5 years ago
"Very quick to respond, open to feedback, and gracious. It was my first time on 99designs and I had a blast working with artzuck! Hoping to work with him again in the future."
Anonymous client reviewed almost 5 years ago
"BEST Logo ever and amazing service"
Profile pictureSonia8 reviewed about 5 years ago
"ARTZUCK did a brilliant job for me. He did exactly what I asked and made many requested changes to get it right. He was accessible what seemed like 24/7 and there was no inconvenience to ask for even the smallest changes to tweak the logo. I would absol..."
Anonymous client reviewed over 5 years ago
"Like a good match of tennis Artsuck and I went through many revisions and I received exactly what I was looking for and then some. If you're looking for someone to go above and beyond what you ask for, Artsuck is your man!"
Anonymous client reviewed over 6 years ago
"Did a wonderful job of creating what I asked for and responded quickly each time I asked for revision."
Profile picturegdoctor reviewed over 6 years ago