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"You can read the other 15 reviews I've done for Son. He's the best. There is no one out there that can do what he does. I refuse to work with anyone else. Period."
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed 26 days ago
"Son is the GOAT! What is this... Project 16, I think he's done for me? Incredible! Well Done, Sir!"
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed about 1 month ago
"ONLY use Son Katze if you want the best of the best working on your project. This guy is a savant! The Mozart of Design! The Merlin of Creativity! The Shakespeare of making your vision come to fruition... in other words... HE'S THE GOAT OF 99D!!!!! You'..."
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed about 2 months ago
"I can't even count at this point how many projects Son has done for me. I WON'T work with anyone else. This guy slays dragons EVERY time! "
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed 2 months ago
"There is NOBODY more talented! Son, is the most talented, the most patient, the most responsive designer on the planet! I will trust my brand with NO OTHER designer!"
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed 3 months ago
"I've used Son for over a dozen projects! There is NO ONE better than him in the industry. He works relentlessly and revises until perfection is achieved. I WON'T trust anyone other than Son with my brand! 20 out of 5 Stars!!!!"
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed 4 months ago
"Professional, punctual, and extremely friendly artist!!"
Profile picturephijoo reviewed 5 months ago
Profile pictureSon Katze ✔ responded 5 months ago
"Son is the greatest designer on the planet! My brand would be NOTHING without his talents! There is nothing he can't do, nothing he can't make look incredible! I won't trust my company with anyone other than Son!"
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed 5 months ago
"SON IS THE GOAT!!! Every project, every time! There is no design or project Son can't do. I use him for EVERY project and have referred so much business to him. He has NEVER missed. If you care about your Brand, use Son or nothing. Period."
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed 6 months ago
"SON IS THE GREATEST!!!! There is no other designer I would EVER trust my brand with. I’ve hired him nearly a dozen times or more and he crushes it EVERY TIME!!!"
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed 7 months ago
"Son is the greatest designer on the planet!!! His vision is without limits!!! He is work is without reproach and there is NOTHING he can't do!!!"
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed 8 months ago
"What can I say about Son that I haven't already said about him in the 9 other project posts!? Absolutely a designing God amongst mortals! Son has been recommended to ALL my colleagues and everyone has used him because SON IS THE DESIGNING GOAT!!!!!!"
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed 12 months ago
"Produced unique and great logo work!"
Profile picturequintonguenther9Z reviewed about 1 year ago
"so easy to work with will definitely use again went above and beyond what I hoped for."
Profile picturealexwifle9 reviewed about 1 year ago
"I've lost track on how many times I've hired Son to work on projects with me/for me! He EXCEEDS expectations EVERY time. My Chief Marketing Officer asked for Son's contact information so he could work on other projects with Son! EXCEEDS EXPECTSTIONS!!!"
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed about 1 year ago
"You will never find a more professional, talented, reasonable, forgiving and generous designer anywhere else on the planet. Son has done so many revisions during this project and has more than been generous of his time and talent. He has worked with so ..."
Profile picturePhoenixEOD reviewed over 1 year ago
"Thank you for the designs. "
Profile picturejonathan.cowling reviewed over 1 year ago
"Son has once again crushed this project! I think this is the 4th time our company has used Son and he rocks every project! So responsive... so accommodating... I LOVE WORKING WITH THIS GUY!!!!"
Profile pictureAaronXS reviewed over 1 year ago
"Very happy with the outcome. Always updated and communicated with me very well. 0 complaints!! Logo looks fantastic!"
Profile pictureRsexy70Y reviewed almost 2 years ago
"Designer was quick to respond on any changes and did a great job on modernizing an old logo!"
Profile picturePepperPointe reviewed almost 2 years ago
"This is the third time we've used Son's services. He is a MASTER at his craft. I would trust my branding and labeling with no one else! He is truly amazing and so patient! Truly a pleasure to work with! He did so many revisions for me without batting an..."
Profile pictureAaronXS reviewed about 2 years ago
"Worked well and was very responsive to requests. "
Anonymous client reviewed about 2 years ago
"The designer put together a logo using the exact description and colors i asked for im very happy"
Profile pictureekwh reviewed about 2 years ago
"Son Katze is incredible! He is by far the easiest and most accommodating designer we have ever worked with. He thinks outside the box, is incredibly responsive and just such a pleasure to work with. I feel like he is part of my staff with his overall pr..."
Profile pictureAaronXS reviewed over 2 years ago
"Son Katze is just fantastic. Extremely responsive and truly a pleasure to work with. His design was bold and strong - exactly as we asked for! Son Katze thought outside the box and presented product label samples without solicitation. Really pulled away..."
Profile pictureAaronXS reviewed over 2 years ago
"Son is an awesome designer. I have used him for three projects and he is my go-to guy on 99designs. Highly recommended."
Profile picturemitshields reviewed almost 3 years ago
"Son Katze has done great work!"
Anonymous client reviewed almost 3 years ago
"i really like the design and creativity of Son Katze. He also did many minors changes on my request after choosing him winner. Thanks for everything"
Anonymous client reviewed over 3 years ago
"Thank you! Great design, very happy"
Profile picturedeclanG reviewed over 3 years ago
"Smart and very reliable !!!"
Profile pictureinfovEN reviewed almost 4 years ago
"Excellent work, original and classy."
Profile pictureknight4 reviewed over 4 years ago
"Very easy to work with. Timely with improvements to the designs. Great designer to work with. "
Profile pictureCrossFit FUNCTION reviewed over 5 years ago
"Great designer and good to work with"
Profile picturegtoumasis reviewed over 5 years ago
"Awesome job Son Katz. Completed beyond our expectation. Highly recommend designer. Looking forward to further future projects. Thank you."
Anonymous client reviewed about 6 years ago
"Great service from Son Katze. Excellent communications and quick to do any modifications. Thank you."
Anonymous client reviewed about 6 years ago
"Very responsive and great turn around time. "
Profile pictureBTougher reviewed about 6 years ago
"Very happy with the designs and Son's responsiveness. We can certainly recommend working with him!"
Profile picturejensstrand reviewed about 6 years ago
"Thank you for awesome design and quick response. I look forward to working with you again. "
Anonymous client reviewed over 6 years ago