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"Excellent designer. very flexible and works with urgent projects."
Anonymous client
"Excellent designer. Creative, versatile and friendly."
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"Excellent designer! Exceptional commitment! "
Anonymous client
"EXCELLENT very responsible designer."
Anonymous client
"Great, dedicated, result-oriented designer with excellent taste."
Anonymous client
"Great designer! We absolutely loved our logo! Would definitely recommend!"
Anonymous client
"Highly recommend designer. Great process and final product!"
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"Beautiful designs, easy to work with on any project, and works efficiently."
Profile picturematt2a
"Very fast, friendly, and helpful"
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"Easy to work with and extremely patient. "
Profile picturematt2a
"The designer followed our requests, was easy to work with, very responsive and professional. Many thanks to gigi39."
Anonymous client
"You went above and beyond, even when we had mo idea what we wanted. Thank you, Gigi."
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"Very versatile, with a broad range of styles and creativity. Working with this designer was great, and I'm very impressed by the final product."
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"Very hard working and fast designer."
Anonymous client
"Just as my contest was winding down, when I couldn't imagine anything to top previous submissions, Gigi39 comes along and takes my contest to an entirely new level. Rather than building on what others had already submitted and cluttering up the contest ..."
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"Great designer, it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank You!"
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"Gigi39 did a really good job, he listended to our feedback and did a great job incorporating changes into the design. We can recommend him to everyone."
Profile picturetobias.papst
"tutto organizzato molto bene anche se non capisco perché tutti i designer si sono concentrati ad inviare i propri lavoro nelle ultime ore delle varie fasi?..."
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"You rock, sir. :)"
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