99designs Holds Design Contest to ‘Design a Better GAP Logo’

San Francisco
10 Oct 2010

BUSINESS WIRE -- 99designs launched an open design contest to “Design a Better GAP Logo” in response to the criticism designers and GAP customers around the world expressed when the GAP recently unveiled its own logo redesign. The project was open for anyone to participate and received 4,660 submissions from over 1,000 designers in just 5 days.

The submissions can be viewed at http://99designs.com/logo-design/contests/design-better-gap-logo-community-project-54693; the winning design will be decided by community vote and presented to GAP management in a gesture of goodwill.

“The GAP logo is so iconic and the redesign has clearly stirred up song strong opinions,” said Mark Harbottle, founder of 99designs.com. “We thought this would be a fun and constructive way to give people the opportunity to express themselves - we’re excited by incredible response and amazing talent of our design community!”

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Jason Aiken