99designs Holds Design Contest for NBCUniversal Logo Redesign

San Francisco
30 Jan 2011

BUSINESS WIRE -- 99designs is sponsoring a design contest to redesign the new NBCUniversal logo that was announced following NBCUniversal’s sale to Comcast. The new logo received mixed reviews for dropping the iconic and colorful NBC peacock in exchange for a logo that is one-color and all text. The design contest is open for anyone to submit alternative design ideas until Sunday, February 6th at https://99designs.com/logo-design/contests/logo-design-better-nbc-universal-community-contest-64113.

The NBCUniversal logo redesign contest is the latest in a string of successful community design contests sponsored by 99designs that have tackled everything from the GAP logo fiasco, the Rio Olympics to a new hairstyle for Julian Assange. “The contests are a lot of fun and the community loves to participate – the GAP contest saw nearly 5,000 submissions from over 1,000 designers around the world,” said Jason Aiken Community Director for 99designs.

Entries will be judged for their creativity and overall design integrity by the 99designs staff. The submissions can be viewed at https://99designs.com/logo-design/contests/logo-design-better-nbc-universal-community-contest-64113.

About 99designs

99designs is the #1 marketplace for small business graphic design. Its Ready-made logo store has over ten thousand high quality logos available for customization and sale right off the shelf for $99, while its Design Contest Marketplace enables businesses to quickly and inexpensively source custom logo design, web design, business cards or any other graphic design work by launching design projects to a global community of over 90,000 designers. 99designs has hosted over 63,000 design contests to date for brands such as TiVo and DISH Network. It sees a new design uploaded every 7 seconds and pays out over $600,000 to its design community every month.

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Jason Aiken