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Graphic design all the way, baby!!!

Member since: October 14, 2011


"Great designer, obviously read and interpreted the brief well and was very responsive to requests and suggestions. Would highly recommend."
Profile pictureCira Solutions
"Great work, listened to feedback and iterated the design to win. Thoroughly recommended."
Profile pictureSitol
"Skinny Beef is a wonderful artist and was a real pleasure to work with! He even worked patiently with us to further revise the image once we chose him as our finalist, making sure we were completely happy with the result! Definitely recommend him!"
Profile pictureSaintfactory
"tough project, although simple. Skuuny beef came through"
Profile picturemilesspencer
"skinny_beef is a really good designer. The kind of guy who understand immediately the specifications and you don't need to ask a lot of revisions. Really happy for the final design, will work again with him."
Profile pictureSampub
"CONTACT SKINNY_BEEF FIRST !!!!!! This guy is a true professional. He has excellent technical skills, has an eye for detail and his customer service skills will re-assure you that choosing him was the best decision. Skinny_beef far exceeded my expecta..."
Profile pictureHoquester
"SKinny_beef did a great job. Was prompt on redesigns and feedback. Will be working with again in future!"
Profile pictureC2C - Voncro