concept design label for a drinkable water product
concept label design for hand creme
label design for probiotic supplement
Concept design for dietary suplement
Label design for booster supplement
concept design for medical CBD oil
Concept design for protein bars
Concept label design for dietary supplement
Label design for pain relieving gel
Label design for Japanese organic Matcha tea
Concept design for dietary suplement
Label design for pepper spice


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Professional senior graphic designer and web developer with passion to deliver highly responsive websites using multiple frameworks. CSS3/HTML5/Wordpress specialists. Also with more than 15 years of active experience can provide high quality graphic design services in several fields including desktop publishing, packaging and pre-press graphics.

If you are interested feel free to contact me to discuss about your project with fast turnaround of delivered files.

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"Great job and super professional"
Profile picturejtsG
"Kopeck won our design contest by creating a clean, elegant look for our spice label. He has great design sense, skill with colors and was responsive to all our requests. We got the feeling that that he understood our brand and project perfectly right fr..."
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"Kopach is an upstanding guy, he is very helpful, sticks to deadlines and produces outstanding work. I enjoy working with him."
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"He was very helpful and dedicated to the process, he made all the adjustments with no hassle and was professional to the end."
Anonymous client
"Excellent collaboration, Kopach came up with an outstanding design idea. He was very capable at any time in the process to grasp our ideas and turn them into a solid and very nice design. Any time again!"
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