Winning logo for Summit Smoothie & Cafe
Winning logo design for Horton's Hot
Logo concept for Horton's Hot spicy sauce
Packaging design for Janga instant drink mix
Packaging design for Janga instant drink mix
Packaging concept for Janga instant drink mix
Logo concept for Junior Master Tournament
Graphic or logo for Six Pack of Peaks Challenge 2015 by socalhiker.net
Logo Concept for Japanese Candy/Snack
Winning design for Craft Brew Girls
Logo Concept for Language Mix
Logo Concept for Screaming Chimp


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"Awesome and thoughtful "
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"Awesome work! Quick turnaround"
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"awesome job again"
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"awesome work as always"
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"Another great job!"
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"great work! takes feedback well and easy to work with"
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"Excellent job as usual!"
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"Juicide is a terrific designer! Very easy to work with and has completed several projects with me with ease and professionalism. He is very responsive and when I provide feedback he works to perfect his original piece. I am currently using him for multi..."
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"Another great job. These logos will work perfectly for our new Six-Pack of Peaks Challenges. "
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