Graphic Designers Give U.S. Political Parties a Makeover at 99designs

San Francisco
29 Feb 2012

With Super Tuesday next week and the drumbeat of the 2012 American presidential election growing ever louder, 99designs is inviting designers to enter the political fray and have some fun. The challenge? To give the Republican and Democrat party logos an overhaul. The creative masterminds behind the two winning designs will each receive a $500 cash prize, and the logos will be sent to party leaders.

Designs can be entered, and viewed, at the 99designs Political Parties Redesign Contest.

99designs was launched in February 2008, just days after President Barack Obama took up residence in the White House after a historic but highly contentious election. Since then, political mudslinging has left both the elephant and the donkey knee-deep in muck. In the spirit of bipartisanship and progress, and with a nod to the significant role graphic design played in the last presidential race (which made HOPE poster designer Shepard Fairey a household name), 99designs is calling on its design community to envision a more cooperative path through design.

“We think this is a great opportunity for designers to have some fun and think seriously about the messages they’d like to see the parties get across,” said 99designs Community Director Jason Aiken, who oversees the activity of 145,000 designers worldwide registered with the site. “We’ll be looking for innovative thinking and superb execution, as always, as well as the ability to balance sincerity, humor and the values each party represents.”

99designs often challenges its dynamic design community to improve upon well-known existing designs in the belief that it can do better. Previous competitions sponsored by the company, which collectively received thousands of submissions, include logo redesigns for NBC Universal, The GAP and the 2016 Rio Olympics, as well as a striking new hairdo for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Designers have shown they’re eager to tackle political themes, too – an independent contest launched in February 2012 by, an affiliate of the Occupy Wall Street movement, attracted more than 8,000 submissions from nearly 1,600 designers, a 99designs record on both counts.

Submissions to the 99designs Political Parties Redesign Contest will be judged by the 99designs staff, taking into consideration the results of a public poll featuring finalists to be held next week. And, of course, Democrat and Republican politicians nationwide will be personally invited to cast their votes.

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