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Vintage-inspired logo for home & design co.
Colorful Cycling Logo
Vintage Rustic Logo Design
Illustrated Logo for Oyster Farm
Retro Cycling Club Logo
Rustic Wedding Invitation
Rustic logo for adventure retreat center
Digital Painting in WWII Poster Style
Retro Cycling Studio Logo
Organic Skincare Logo
Vintage-Style Restaurant Logo


Design Artistree is all about bringing back time-honored qualities that characterize the art of design: Creativity. Craftsmanship. Care.

Whether you're looking for a handcrafted logo, a custom illustration, or some other artistic solution to your design needs, when you choose Design Artistree, you'll be listened to closely and your concept will be brought to life with careful attention to detail—Your project will be treated as the work of art that it is.


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"Design Artistree really captured the spirit of our design brief. Thinks with you and also gives helpful and much appreciated feedback when something doesn't work (e.g. color combination, etc.) Highly recommended. "
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