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Create a winning design for müde sleepwear!!
A new logo to impulse a new dynamic for garder-mes-enfants
Pet and House sitting business-Creative Freedom encouraged!!
Winning Logo for a Kids Fashion Web-Shop
Create a new and fun design for chicken bags
Create the next logo for Buckled Baby
Create the next art or illustration for Lincolns
99designs Community Contest: Design an image for Silicon Roundabout, Tech City
Help Macquarie Early Learning Centre with a new logo
children's dentist needs a fresh stationery
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"Very happy with this designer who was different in design, efficient and responsive. Great to work with. "
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"It has been a great experience using 99design.com. Special thanks to my designer ni.ya for such a lovely logo design! Ni. ya is one designer that helps translates the feedback given to her design and at the same time injects new ideas to the design..."
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