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The Von Richten Project
Design a digital badge to represent a personality type
Design a quirky character for an educational game
Design of KEIKO, the chatroid
Moon Tattoo Illustration
Triplebyte Interview illustration works
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High Sierra Sourdough Vintage Logo
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I love to experience new things, discover knowledge hidden in them.

Constructing my ideas, arranging shapes and line, colors, and make them amazing are my proudest asset.

More than a designer, I craves to learn and develop myself even further in every aspect. Give me chance to prove myself I am worthy to be considered.

Country: Indonesia. Member since: March 22, 2016
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"Nice work and Jansen is always available for the client !"
Anonymous client
"Nice work and available for client."
Profile picturebrice.cournut
"He did a good jobs on our request for icons !"
Anonymous client
"It was really nice to work with you. I hope we will work soon again. Thank you best regards, "
Profile picturebighand
"Jansen did an amazing job. Creative, thorough, and efficient. He is our exclusive designer and I can't recommend him highly enough."
Profile pictureErickWa
"Jansen is a consummate professional and an amazing creator! He had all of our designs not only to our specifications, but far exceeding our expectations! We look forward to continuing to work with Jansen for a long time to come."
Profile pictureErickWa
"...nice artwork!"
Profile picturebl o
"Outstanding experience!"
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