Berlin bear on Jason Costume
Cheese face franky
scary movies logo
signor bologna's swazzle
Legends of the minch
t-shirt design required
Create cool retro looking gentlemen with rugby twist tee shirt
Create fun, fresh MEN'S T-SHIRT designs for HUMOR
Horror Games/Survival-Horror Game T-Shirt!
Rock- Band sucht Merch Design
t-shirt design required


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"Awesome job! Quick turnaround!!"
Anonymous client
"Awesome designer!"
Anonymous client
"Outstanding work. Horror Rudey continues to excel in his work and creates great designs. He is an excellent collaborator. I look forward to working with him again, and again."
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"I have worked with Horror Rudey in the past, and as usual, he delivers an excellent product!"
Anonymous client
"Excellent work! "
Anonymous client
"Excellent designer. Flexible, creative and capable, and always delivers. Great work!"
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"Excellent work.. as usual!! "
Anonymous client
"Excellent designer! Provides timely design, accepts criticism and adjustments quickly. Very easy to work with, and I will continue to work with Horror Rudey in the future."
Anonymous client
"Horror Rudey is awesome, he provided a original design and did not simply re-design or take from what other designers had turned in. He was very responsive and professional. We had to choose from over 100 design submissions and Rudey stood out well ab..."
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