Concept for a bar in the City
Retro Billboard Design for Ad company
Retro Concept 2 for Ad Company
Retro Concept for Ad Company
Concept for an adventure Mystery Solving Company
Concept for Company In Africa
Bold Sleek Design for Beauty Co.
Colorful Design of a Raw food Store
Bold Colorful design
Concept for London Hotel Booking Company
Concept 2 for New Ventrue
Concept 1 for New Ventrues


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Ravenesta has always been a huge fan of art. She started drawing at a young age and has studied a wide range of art. She studied photography and art history and various other art classes while getting her degree in graphic design. She got her associate’s degree in digital graphic design and has over ten years’ experience. She has received three awards for her designing and artistic achievements.

Country: United States. Member since: January 29, 2016


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"Great to work with! Beautiful design. Thanks!"
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