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Country: Italy. Member since: December 19, 2011
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"Upgrading our logo to a new overhauled version was a full success thanks to Florin creating a manually sketched logo, which became a the final delightful result."
Anonymous client
"Florin was great and even reached out to our printing provider to get a better understanding of what the specific color optimizations could be for a next print iteration."
Anonymous client
"With the help of Florin our company now has temporary Car Magnets for our rented fleet going to customers. Great design and reached out to our printing partner to clear up printing details. Overall a pleasure to work with."
Anonymous client
"Returning with another project after a few months was a great decision, was a pleasure and the outcome is great."
Anonymous client
"After month long iterations with the creative and patient Florin, we had an awesome finalized concept in our hands for our client."
Anonymous client
"As a follow-up project for one of our clients Florin created a whole logo family for a variety of sub project, which are closely aligned with the primary one. The client couldn't be happier with the turnout."
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"As an iteration to a Logo created by Florin, an elegant and creative Business Card was crafted."
Anonymous client
"Thoughtful suggestions on logo directions, font selection and colors. Florin also went out of his way to work on a standardized file catalog to make sure future projects have the right additional files lined up perfectly."
Anonymous client
"Florin gave awesome suggestions and provided us with plenty of iterations even so no initial idea was available. Happy to work with Florin in the future."
Anonymous client
"Florin is not just awesome with logos, but also great for illustrations. The end result now available on stickers turned out great. He was responsive and helpful during the complex illustration preparation process. Happy to continue working with him."
Anonymous client
"Happy to have worked with Florin again. Pleasure to discuss designs and precise and qualitative work. Florin shares the process and reasoning enabling even more understanding of the resulting logo/design. Already invited him to join another project."
Anonymous client