concept for Port one-five
Concept For Sylvan Resident Services
Concept for Boxzilla
logo Concept for Element Realty
logo concept for Coin Meter
Kua concept logo
Red 32 Logo
Veda Music Group Logo
we will give all our future designs for the designer's product that we use
Branding for Ammunition Manufacturing Company
Create a dirty, gritty bluesy album cover for TOM Music
Help us create a great logo for our clothing company Evolve or Dissolve


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I am a designer who is inspired by everyday life and all that surrounds it. I have strived to turn whatever I come across into something new and visually stunning. I pride myself on modern and unique solutions to sort out client's design problems. I try to keep my followers informed by posting to Twitter and Facebook. My inspirations and more designs can be found on my tumblr and pinterest page as well.

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