T-Shirt for Berlin based Hackathon (www.HackDT.com)
99designs community contest: create a Daft Punk concert poster
'Street art' style invitation for 99designs event!
Creative t-shirt design needed to celebrate 6 years of bringing "Pages to the People"!
99designs needs a beautiful MURAL for our new Melbourne office!
Community Contest: The 99designs Cup #99SoccerCup


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"Used him several times. Very professional!"
Profile pictureCLAYTON V
"Excelent work. Very professional and very creativ!"
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"Great designer and very easy to work with."
Profile pictureQuestMore
"Boris was super responsive to my feedback and always experimenting with new ideas to give his designs the WOW factor. He's easy and fun to work with, and is overflowing with creativity...just take a look at his folio :) "
Profile picturekellyi99
"I just want to pass along a HUGE thanks to Boris! He is an amazing designer and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Boris interpreted my brief in such a unique way, he has a very distinctive style! He was responsive, patient and good natured with ..."
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