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Book Cover for Dream Action YA Novel
Design a book cover for a cutting edge science fiction novel
Create an Elegant package design for RepelBox (Bluetooth shower speaker)
Create an Elegant package design for RepelBox (Bluetooth shower speaker)
Diablo News and Community needs a new website design
Design my Kitchen Remodeling eBook cover.  Opportunities for future work.


A graphic designer with over 8 years experience..Contact me to get started on your next project! To cut the long story short, my work is all “About Me”

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"BasicDesignCo was very willing to work with our feedback and refine his concepts until we had exactly what we wanted. Good job."
Profile pictureVSNMD11596 reviewed over 7 years ago
"It was a pleasure to be able to work with such a talented designer. This creative genius quickly captured the vision of my design concept and transformed it to an even higher level. Fantastic!"
Profile pictureAtla Ra Publishing reviewed over 7 years ago
"I am quite impressed with the designer for the cover of my book Hell Blade. Not only did he come up with a dazzling image, he also molded it to my liking with quick responses. "
Profile pictureLedsales reviewed over 7 years ago
"Dejan of Basic Design Co was a pleasure to work with. He was energetic, creative and determined to deliver an awesome book front and back cover. I couldn't be happier with the end result."
Profile pictureAnimeguyholand reviewed over 7 years ago
"Great designer, very helpful and willing to apply and fixes even after you choose him."
Profile pictureCgfmedia reviewed over 7 years ago
"Dejan from Basic Design Co went above and beyond just what was on our request. He looked at our trailer and Facebook page to make the movie poster as good as it could be. He was very quick in responding to all our needs. Thanks, Dejan!"
Profile pictureLsimon reviewed over 7 years ago