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Hello. Thank you for visiting my profile. I'm Olya a freelance graphic designer. I take my work very seriously and try to achieve it in the shortest time possible. My clients satisfaction is a priority. I particiapte in contests on 99D since a short time. Every contest for me is a step forward and always want to learn new things.

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"Amber_85 has been wonderful to work with. She made herself available to make adjustments to the layout as well as the text of the cover as were needed without any fuss."
Profile picturedavidof
"Thank you for your prompt response to our needed changes."
Profile picturedavidof
"Awesome designer!!! She IS THE BEST!! Thank you so much Amber_85!!!!!"
Profile picturerogermorante1
"Amber_85 has been good to work with, responding quickly when adjustments to our design needed to be made."
Profile picturedavidof
"Excellent work! This looks to be my best cover yet. Thanks Amber."
Profile picturethinkdba
"Quick turnaround, very responsive."
Profile pictureCJones
"Amber_85 has done a few projects for me now, book covers, and has always done very well. She makes the fixes and delivers camera ready covers in several formats. Highly recommended."
Profile picturegreg CN
"Amber is wonderful at incorporating what I would like in a cover and adding her creative ideas. She is fantastic to work with. She also understands that the cover is often made in advance and accepts that adjustments might need to be made in the future."
Profile pictureteriQ
"Great job. I allowed two weeks and Amber finished it in two days--perfectly!"
Profile picturecwhitney
"Great job and will definitely work with again."
Profile pictureEuripedesblack
"Amber was very responsive and quickly made any changes I requested. "
Profile picturecalvinR
"I have been very satisfied with Amber's work. She was super fast to answer my requests but also flexible and patient to make several changes. I provided her with some design elements and the rough structure of what I desired and Amber came up with some ..."
Profile picturebubulastar
"Wonderful work! Olga is very creative, intuitive and proactive. She understood what I wanted and provided great ideas to pick from. She was also able to interpret my needs and turn them into solid visuals I could select from. It was so easy flowing work..."
Anonymous client
"Very fast, and great communication. Will be working with her for future projects. Highly recommend. "
Profile picturejamiajones25
"As always, Amber listened to what I needed and was professional and efficient."
Profile pictureteriQ
"This my fourth project with these designer and once again she exceeded my expectations. Very prompt and responsive to my needs and suggestions. "
Profile pictureCJones
"Amber is very responsive and patient about making changes."
Profile pictureteriQ
"Flexible and efficient. I enjoy working with Amber."
Profile pictureteriQ
"Amber is very patient and efficient :)"
Profile pictureteriQ
"Exceeds expectations. "
Profile pictureCJones
"Wonderfully receptive to my suggestions, quick, and came up with an original concept. Looking forward to more projects with this designer."
Profile pictureCJones
"Great work! Loved the effects you made on my photos :)"
Profile picturerodney.gainous
"Amber_85 has created several book cover and eBook designs for me with nothing more than a description of what I wanted. I send her designs to fans of my books before she finalizes them. Amber scores "I like it" to "I love it" from all of them. She's ..."
Profile picturefsudenny
"Excellent professional. I recommend her 100%. Thank you for all the hours invested and for always giving the extra mile in order to achieve and exceed expectations. La recomiendo 100%."
Profile pictureOrlan07
"As always, Amber_85 was professional and fast. In this case she helped me correct a cover issue when Create Space converted to Amazon's KDP. She is wonderful."
Profile pictureteriQ
"Amber won with us again. Consistently great designer and very easy to work with to get my book cover files the way we need them. Thank you!"
Anonymous client
"amber is fantastic. I love working with her!!! "
Profile picturemfallat
"Awesome designer! She believes in the art of perfection!! "
Anonymous client
"Very responsive. Beautiful design. Thanks so much!"
Profile picturekrauzianimage
"Great working with you again, many thanks!"
Profile picturedavid.haviland
"amber_85 did a fantastic job on the cover for our trade paper book. When I needed a dust jacket also, her prices were fair and her work, immediate. Highly recommended, both in skill and pleasure to work with."
Profile picturegreg CN
"was great in all areas, especially the service and availability!!"
Profile picturegruen.osh
"Amber is sooooo great. love her work."
Profile picturemfallat
"Love the design, 100% winner!"
Anonymous client
"Truly unreal service and high quality work. incredibly fast at making changes. Thank you Amber_85 !!!"
Profile picturemfallat
"Amber always is responsive, fast, and flexible. Greatly enjoy working with he."
Profile pictureteriQ
"I always enjoy working with Amber."
Profile pictureteriQ
"Another fantastic experience with Amber."
Profile pictureteriQ
"We had this cover done within the first 48 hours. Since I won't have the final details until February, I appreciate Amber's flexibility and willingness to make appropriate adjustments at that time. I will work with Amber again."
Profile pictureteriQ
"As always, Amber_85 is flexible and open to ideas. Grateful for her talent."
Profile pictureteriQ
"Amber_85 jumped in the contest on day one and started offering ideas. This designer was very flexible and was willing to listen to my ideas and showed a lot of patience as she tried my ideas. I'd work with Amber again."
Profile pictureteriQ
"Exceeded my expectations faster than a hi-velocity bullet. Amber_85 has a creative vision that brings a design to life. Give her a good description and let her go to work. I wish I could give her "ten stars.""
Profile picturefsudenny
"My third gig with this designer was perfect and super fast when I supplied her with the photos she needed to create the design in the brief. I was very impressed with her conceptualization for the book cover. It screamed "buy me." Her work ethic is s..."
Profile picturefsudenny
"My second book cover with the designer and just hired her for a third one. Excellent work ethic with an attention to detail. I like her ability to meld colors into the cover theme. She responds quickly to revision requests. "
Profile picturefsudenny
"Bookmarks and postcards with book cover design. Amber was prompt and did an excellent job."
Profile picturecwhitney
"She did an excellent job designing my book cover. She was prompt and attentive to all my changes, large and small. I was very happy with her work."
Profile picturecwhitney
"The designer created a design that a sample of my fan base gave an overall approval rating of 4.6 with all respondents using a rating of four or five stars. That's about as good as it gets from the number of critiques. The designer adhered to the brie..."
Profile picturefsudenny
"amber_85 is quick on the uptake and communicates professionally, even under deadline pressure."
Anonymous client
"Your website was difficult to navigate, resulting in time wasted and frustration. In the end, I'm pleased with book cover design."
Profile picturejohnlnunes2001
"I was very happy with the work of amber_85, very responsive to requests for change and good communication. Pleased with the result."
Anonymous client
"Amber_85 has excelled in her design of a book cover for the novel " "The Singularity Prize." Her design excellence is characterized by: 1) She was the first out the gate to present her design in less than 12 hours. 2) She followed my instructions pre..."
Profile pictureguileee
"Fantastic to work with. Looking forward to working with her again in the future."
Profile pictureRunningWildPress
"Fantastic, many thanks."
Profile picturedavid.haviland
"I loved her work and how dedicated she was with my design. I love that she knows I am still in the process and has agreed to help me further when my publisher needs more. 5 stars!"
Profile picturemistyharris40
"I thought amber_85 had the first design that came closest to the description of what I wanted my book cover to show. She proceeded to respond to my suggestions through the process in a fast manner, and was easy to work with. I appreciate the chance to..."
Profile picturejeffquyle
"Great job. I especially appreciated how quick and receptive you were to make little changes. Very satisfied. Thank you."
Profile pictureTom Peers
"creative and prompt"
Anonymous client
"Amber did a wonderful job, and was very receptive to any requests that were made. I highly recommend her work!"
Profile picturescottvd
"Amber was a go-getter from the very beginning of my contest. She responded immediately and accurately to my feedback. She is a talented designer with a strong work ethic. I couldn't be happier with my experience working with her. "
Profile picturejaimeattherock
"Excellent job - Thank you Amber for all your attention to detail "
Anonymous client