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Member since: January 05, 2012
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"Wei was sheer pleasure to work with. She got what we wanted to do from the first try and she actually took the time to read our website and understand what we wanted to communicate. Her designs were fun and original and her response time during the hand..."
Profile pictureParis99
"I love Wei Tieng's design, it fit my brief from the beginning!! Wei Tieng was great with all feedback and made minor adjustments quickly and perfectly. I am extremely happy with the result."
Profile pictureErinsyoga
"Wei Tieng was such a pleasure to work with - the brief was fairly open but she gave us exactly what we were looking for. We threw a lot of alterations and tweaks at her but nothing was too much trouble. Now we have the most beautiful set of unique wed..."
Profile pictureFiftypercentessex
"Wei did a great job on this project. She was responsive, prompt and followed direction very well. It would be a pleasure to work with her again. "
Profile pictureRachel1988