Book cover for sonsofvikings.com
Poster design for Ana Daud
Dian Griesel
Private poster for rikki elliot
Postcard for sol sister
Logo for Nest Burger
Website design for Na3m a mobile games
Comic theme Webdesign for vsolutiontek
Webdesign for monsterfitness.com
Website for Avalon Lords online games
Cd cover for chloe hennessee
poster for sandiego distiller guild


i adore Creative Design, both in graphic or web design, i do coding sometimes too, i always love vintage style, i prefer blind contests, Feel free to invite me to your contest and 1-to-1 projects.

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"Thanks for putting heart and into this work!"
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"From the get-go, this wonderful designer captured the spirit of my life-changing plane crash. This designer was receptive to my feedback and made changes in a timely fashion. I am very happy with the final result."
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"VisioN3RD brought a lot of creativity and style to the submissions, while staying on point with the overall design brief. Many different variations were presented that showcased aspects of the website that we had not originally thought of. We would hi..."
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"I am very pleased with the results of working with VisioN3RD. I have a classy website design that reflects my business culture, my taste, and image I wish to project to my customers. VisionN3RD was agressive in implementing requested design changes and..."
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