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I'm working as a graphic designer for about 8 years now. I'm finishing a degree in visual comunications design.
I have experience in magazines, news papers, web design, software interfaces, corporate Identity...

Member since: February 23, 2010
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"Very good work. We are fully satisfied. Aitor showed a very high commitmend and reacted very fast to our feedback. Excellent work! "
Profile pictureWestermeierw
"From what was a very open and unique brief, in his first design Aitor shone as the stand out designer. His attention to detail is incredible and his response to my feedback was incredibly accurate and well thought out. We love the work he created for us..."
Profile pictureAlex London
"Aitor was fantastic. He captured the essence of what we wanted very early on, and gave us more options than we thought we could have with our logo. Fantastic work!"
Profile pictureIchien.aelite