Create a fun, attractive and creative statement design promoting spay, neuter and adoption for tote canvas bag
funny robot
funny monster
creates of funny character for business yoga
 Cute animal or monster for a kids language learning app
funny paper
 $250 Cartoon for Business to Business website!
funny animal
Create 10 awesome vector-style shapes from the 1980's


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"Thank you for your help Alice!"
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"Great start! We're looking forward to working together to refine the design and add more variations."
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"great proposal "
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"Created creative and fun character from the start and was extremely responsive to feedback and adjustments along the way!"
Anonymous client
"Always a pleasure working with you."
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"Great to work with, quick responses and high quality work. Thanks a lot for your design! "
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"Great to work with! Quick response and quality work."
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"Thanks for the patience! Great work"
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"Great work! Quick and painless experience!"
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"Alice made a great work. Thanks."
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"Enjoyed working with Alice on my first illustration project with 99designs. Multiple submissions were provided for my project but Alice was one of the designers, who listened to my feedback about initial designs and applied that feedback into subsequent..."
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"Awesome creative work and very patient artist! "
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"Good job. Pleased with result"
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"Great artist and easy to work with. Hard worker to get the job right. "
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"Une bonne réactivité et n'hésite pas à adapter son travail en fonction des retours client."
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"Thank you Alice Marlina for the illustration. I will open a new project with nine exercises to make the illustrations. Is this ok for you? Best regards Leticia"
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