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The winning logo design for IMS lending
The winning cotest logo for Enter into Music to Move the Soul
Isabella logo concept
Bytote logo concept
logo concept for Veritas
logo concept for Austin
logo concept for kawau
Logo concept gor Netrunner C1
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"Fantastic logo. Both simple and yet elegant! It captured my heart from the first time I saw it. Just about everyone else had the same reaction."
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"Created exactly what I had envisioned my logo to be."
Anonymous client
"strong designer. made all necessary changes. easy to work with!"
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"As always good work. "
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"We kept wanting small changes to make it perfect and despite all of that BLQis delivered on time and did not complain. This is now the 3rd time we have used him and have been very satisfied. "
Profile pictureniels.oestervemb.dds
"Fast turnaround and good at making changes until i was completely satisfied. "
Profile pictureniels.oestervemb.dds
"Again, very fast responce, second time we used him, very pleased. "
Profile pictureniels.oestervemb.dds
"Very fast at getting back to you. Willing to change things and also to try out new idea to let you see how they will look. We were so satisfied we are working with him again already. Highly recommend!!!"
Profile pictureniels.oestervemb.dds
"This designer was awesome. He met the brief, he was quick to respond to changes and he would provide new designs that I didn't even ask for. I'm very fussy and I'm very happy with the result."
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