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Logo designer, generic graphic designer with expertise in web development and knowledge of major language programs.

Member since: October 16, 2013
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"Fantastic results, always better than we imagined it could be! "
Anonymous client reviewed 3 months ago
"It was the third time we worked with Fabio. As every time, he worked until everything was perfect and we got wonderful results!"
Anonymous client reviewed 6 months ago
"Fabio was great to work with. Fast and efficient. I would recommend him. "
Profile picturetim.gendreaY reviewed 6 months ago
"We worked with Fabio Fantini before, but this time all our expections were excelled once more! It is a fabulous design and we can't wait to release it to the public and start our marketing with it! "
Anonymous client reviewed 7 months ago
"Fabio had the winning idea in our contest! We got a wonderful design! It was fun to work with this creative and very responsive designer. "
Profile picturesimozV reviewed 8 months ago
"You can always get great and creative designs from Fabio. We look forward to working with him again."
Anonymous client reviewed 10 months ago
"Fabio has created a very interesting figure as our brand's mascot - fun, cute and with a unique personality. We would love to work with him in the long term. Strongly recommended!"
Anonymous client reviewed 10 months ago
"Fabio is Wonderful. His dedication has no match and he will not rest until his client is satisfied. Highly recommend him if you want a guaranteed good design. Thank you Fabio!! "
Profile pictureEddisonWordplay reviewed almost 2 years ago
"Great to work with!"
Profile pictureNeida Garcia reviewed about 2 years ago
"VERY creative and a delight to work with. I highly advise his services."
Anonymous client reviewed over 2 years ago
"Great work ethic! Great designs. "
Anonymous client reviewed over 3 years ago
"Fabio was incredible to work with, timely and very professional, not to mention very talented. "
Anonymous client reviewed over 3 years ago
"Great person to work with! very talneted, fast and extreamlly professional! "
Anonymous client reviewed over 3 years ago
"Love the design and the communication with the designer was flawless. Definitely will use him for future projects. "
Anonymous client reviewed over 3 years ago
"Very talented thank you for your work!"
Anonymous client reviewed almost 4 years ago
"Fabio is a talented designer able to 'see' and pull out new ways of viewing scientific facts. "
Anonymous client reviewed over 4 years ago
"Fabio did a great job!! We are really happy about the design results. Fabio was very cooperative and reliable, it was our pleasure to work with him. Thank you, Fabio."
Profile picturevera.buechin reviewed almost 7 years ago
"Designer was great to work with and responsive! "
Anonymous client reviewed over 7 years ago
"Excellent design, clean and high quality html5 animation code!"
Profile pictureAwaio Inc. reviewed over 7 years ago