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"I have been thrilled with Ian's quality work. He has a keen eye for design and really made my work come alive in the manner I desired. He was easy to work with and timely in his communication and work products. So glad I found him here!"
Profile picturealise3
"Ian was very accommodating and helpful during the design phase."
Profile picturedfieldMU
"I love the fresh and crisp nature of the design, the color, the zest!"
Anonymous client
"Very responsive!"
Anonymous client
"Nailed it the first time."
Anonymous client
"this was a great experience, great job!"
Profile picturejaredvZ
"Ian produced a well thought out design with a strong concept. He was very responsive to feedback, and honed the design to our liking."
Profile pictureeshapiro
"Ian is the best! Thank you for your hard work."
Anonymous client
"Ian is an outstanding designer. Very responsive. Extremely professional. 11/10!"
Anonymous client
"great designer!"
Anonymous client
"Highly creative mind. Even in the early concept stage of the contest, he was going above and beyond the call of duty, delivering ideas that far outshone those of the other entrants. Looking forward to working with him again."
Profile pictureShmax1
"This was the first time we had crowdsourced a design and our specification was not great and we didn't know 100% what we were looking for but luckily Junesind came to our rescue . Junesind was great throughout the whole process, he took our feedback on..."
Anonymous client