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jasondimmick81 is running a book or magazine cover contest and would love your feedback on the 8 entries below.

Here are my top picks for my cover. This will be for the first book I have ever written or published so having a outstanding cover is very important as I have yet to have much of a fan base and need the cover to grab readers attention and give the feel of the book. My novel is aimed at 12 to 30 year old's and tailored for the Christian market but fits in to all YA and Urban Fantasy markets. Below is my book Blurb:
The life Tim is living is not the life God has intended for him. Now he is faced with a choice that will determine the fate of all mankind. After spending the last twelve years of his life in an orphanage, Tim must now move away from everything and everyone he knows to live with an uncle he never new he had. What happens while with his uncle will not only drastically change Tim's life for ever, but will place the fate of mankind in his hands and answer all the questions Tim has about his past. The Gauntlets have chosen their Wielder. Will Tim answer the call and fight against the Fallen?

Answer the call. Wield the Gauntlets. Fight the Fallen. Protect all mankind.

Also keep in mind as you vote that each design is not finale and can have things about it changed so when you vote leave a comment on what you like and would like to see different

#9 by xavierbacon
#8 by xavierbacon
#3 by graydolphins
#16 by ARMS
#13 by LaeTwina
#19 by WATCH THIS!
#17 by ARMS
#18 by WATCH THIS!
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