Up To 50% of Design Contests Can Result In Follow-on Work

1 Sep 2008

One of the little known benefits of design contests is the ability for winning designers to pick up direct work from clients once a contest has been won. It makes sense when you think about it...

Run a logo contest to find yourself a designer, then rather than go through the whole design contest process again, simply ask the winning designer for a quote to do your business cards and stationery in a similar style.

Our top designers tell us that as many as 25% of all contests they win result in future work. Andrew Angus from switchmarketing.com who runs several design contests through 99designs.com said for him it's as high as 50%.

Andrew has documented his recent experience with a design contest in this video which shows the great result he achieved with a $220 prize offered on 99designs.com plus $1,000 of follow on work for the winning designer. Check it out!