99designs Lets Businesses Leverage Web 2.0 to Have Up To 21,000 Designers Compete for New Logos and Websites

San Francisco
17 Nov 2008

To Stay Competitive, Businesses Can Tune up Their Look and Feel with a Fast Turnaround and Set Budget

BUSINESS WIRE -— 99designs, the largest design competition marketplace, today announced that more businesses are leveraging its community of over 21,000 designers for professional design work on logos, business cards, websites and more to take advantage of the ability to set a firm budget and ensure a quick turnaround. By controlling both the timeline and the costs, businesses can rapidly use professional design to get a polished look and competitive edge.

Finding the right professional designer is often a real challenge for businesses. It takes a lot of time to vet candidates and engage in a negotiation process where the designers ultimately have greater control in setting the budget. Often the project takes longer than anticipated, the budget escalates, and in the end the client only gets a handful of designs to choose from.

Using 99designs, businesses can leverage Web 2.0 crowdsourcing capabilities to take control over both the budget and the timeline. Clients simply post design requirements including: the nature of the design project, specific qualities desired, the amount of money offered for the completed work and the number of days the project will remain open. Designers can then immediately begin competing for the work by submitting designs for consideration.

Tapping into the online community of over 21,000 designers at 99designs greatly expands the number of finished designs clients have to choose from. Clients provide feedback on the work submitted to help guide the process and clarify what they want to see in a finished product. After the competition ends, the client picks a winner and leaves with a finished design project.

“Businesses of all kinds are looking for ways to be competitive in today’s economic climate,” said Mark Harbottle, CEO and founder of 99designs. “99designs makes it easy for the start up looking to get off the ground quickly or the established company looking to rebrand to reap the benefits of professional design. On any given day, law firms, dental practices, technology companies, non-profits and more are using 99designs to sharpen their professional image, put their best foot forward and stay competitive.”

99designs connects clients needing design work to a thriving community of over 21,000 talented designers. In under a year, 99designs has held over 13,000 design projects. For more information please visit: 99designs.com.

About 99designs

99designs is an online design marketplace and community that connects passionate designers from around the globe with savvy clients who need design projects completed in a timely fashion without the usual risk or cost associated with professional design. It has held over 13,000 design contests to date with nearly 1,000,000 unique designs. For more information please visit: 99designs.com.