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I started as graphic designer focused on branding and marketing about 5 years ago. About 3 years ago my focus moved to web design and mobile user experience. I love web design and how it can help a company grow and thrive in today’s digital first market.

To me quality of design is very important but at the same time I respect deadlines and budgets. I support all my clients by understanding there needs and want from the first day to last and after their project is live.

Let’s get started.

Member since: September 22, 2015
Mid Level




" A real pleasure to work with you"
Anonymous client
"Awesome work! Great logo design and super easy to work with."
Profile pictureAlex Nepa
"A job well done. Happy with the work. "
Profile pictureceecee.ceman
"Wonderful designer. Creativity, talent, reactivity and very good communication. What more can you ask for?! "
Anonymous client
"Thanks! Was receptive to feedback and made the small adjustments I needed very quickly."
Profile pictureTheShiftEx