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A young designer with much love and passion for logo designing.

Member since: October 07, 2015


5.0 stars - 6 reviews

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"I am so happy with my logo - RobertV is amazing! I highly recommend his work."
Profile picturesandiegocaw
"Robert did a fabulous job - took the feedback and continued to add designs for me to see. He didn't stop making adjustments and kept working until I had my perfect logo! Love it and I appreciate the commitment he made to helping me with my logo!"
Profile picturejennJ
"Robert really paid attention to the brief and the sample logos that I liked. But he also went beyond and thought out of the box by creating a unique and highly creative graphic and used a font I have never seen before. Even though I requested specific c..."
Profile picturebrettMW
"Thank you Robert. Great job."
Profile picturedavidfriedmanhomes
"This was a great and easy process with a good result. It was an absolute pleasure working with Robert. He was very easy to work with and had great ideas. He responded very fast and attentive to my requests and we came quickly to a great result. I receiv..."
Profile pictureclaudiahehner s
"I thought RobertV did an excellent job creatively when dealing with the subject. He was responsive and professional in all phases of the design process"
Profile picturepakonis