The Continent of Vosca
The Other Side by Randal Licato
The Temple of Beauty
Loving Her By Trevor Sorel
The cloud architect
Shadow Rigs Mascot/Character
Eccentric book cover for Destination Poon
Revelations 12:12 Book Cover
Self-Help For Super Villains Cover
Sacred Cow Beer Label Illustration
Fantasy Map for Death Mage's Ascent Sequel
Japanese-inspired Steampunk Magazine cover


I am a budding illustrator. If you need to breathe life to your idea, we can work together to make it a reality. I especially love science fiction and fantasy scenes or characters. Feel free to message me and see if we could start a working relationship.

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"Excellent turnaround time, communication and performance. Artist wasn't afraid to ask questions he needed to know, and was willing to make requested corrections--would happily work with again."
Profile picturetdavisart reviewed over 5 years ago
"Rik.yan took a chance in my contest and what he created by scratch made my mind explode. The attention to detail is amazing! I could tell he really tried to capture the feeling and detail behind my descriptions in my project brief, even in the way I des..."
Profile picturewheresrandy reviewed almost 6 years ago
"So this is the fourth project Rik has worked with me on, and once again he did not disappoint. He took my idea and brought it to life in a way I never expected. As always, he was open to any concerns I had and was quick to adjust when something wasn't q..."
Profile picturebender.jonathan reviewed almost 6 years ago
"Excellent design work by Rik. Great artist with an eye towards detail! Quick turnaround as well! "
Profile pictureGaur.Rohit reviewed about 6 years ago
"Great job again."
Profile picturebender.jonathan reviewed over 6 years ago
"The designer rik.yan was in a previous contest I had for Feather's Blades #2, but he didn't win it. I still liked his design, so later I decided to do the 1 to 1 project with him. I agreed on his price quote. He quickly changed 2 to 4 for Feather's Blad..."
Profile picturegaryfeather reviewed over 6 years ago
"Overall, excellent. This is the second book cover that Rik.Yan has put together for me, and again the final product completely exceeded my expectations. Will definitely collaborate with Rik.Yan again in the future."
Profile picturechristopherholmesnixon reviewed over 6 years ago
"Overall, excellent. For my contest (book cover commission) there was about three different designs that I would have considered using. I picked Rik.Yan as the sole finalist because he produced a hand drawn piece of original artwork (most 99 design s..."
Profile picturechristopherholmesnixon reviewed over 6 years ago
"This is the second time I have worked with Rik, and he did not disappoint. Anyone can see from the work that he is a talented artist. Prompt professionalism makes working on projects together easy. Rik is always ready to make adjustments if I have a con..."
Profile picturebender.jonathan reviewed over 6 years ago