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Visual scriber and illustrator.

Country: Italy. Member since: September 03, 2008
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"I cannot even begin to say how pleased I am with Dario's work, his ethics, and his generosity - going above and beyond to deliver designs that inform and delight. My book project required more than 60 original illustrations. Dario brought his A game and..."
Profile picturenjmanek
"very responsive, timely, enthusiastic, appreciative"
Profile picturejen arricale
"Great work again!"
Profile picturemarkku
"Dario is outstanding in every way as a designer: fast, capable, flexible, creative, and able see my vision as he drew out the concepts. I have a book project and Dario is able to stay with the fast pace of designs and the revisions."
Profile picturenjmanek
"Impeccable work, as usual!"
Anonymous client
"Love the drawings."
Anonymous client
"Fast and great!"
Anonymous client
"Dario is great! Highly recommended!"
Anonymous client
"Panagasi is very responsive; quickly interprets design changes needed and does a great job reflecting client's ideas."
Profile pictureandrew.want
"Panagasi is very responsive, and is very efficient in understanding and incorporating design refinements. "
Profile pictureandrew.want
"Amazing creativity and versatility as an artist!"
Anonymous client
"Went very well, good value. Panigasi was very responsive"
Profile pictureandrew.want
"Excellent work, very responsive, highly recommended!"
Anonymous client
"Merci vraiment pour cet excellent travail !"
Anonymous client
"buenas aportaciones a la idea original"
Profile picturejteixido
"Muy rapido y con calidad"
Profile picturejteixido
"fast and effective as usual"
Profile picturejteixido
"perfect, as usual"
Profile picturejteixido
"No estoy seguro de cómo quedarán las letras una vez maquetadas en libro, lo veremos"
Profile picturejteixido
"Calidad y rapidez como siempre."
Profile picturejteixido
"Todo rápido y muy bien. Como siempre."
Profile picturejteixido
"Todo bien y rapido"
Profile picturejteixido
"Everything good, and fast"
Profile picturejteixido